The Return of the Crojo…


It has been a month and we are still unpacking boxes and sorting out clutter whilst moving into our new home….

On a positive note the cats are fine and settled and I got my crojo back (crochet mojo)…I threw a few granny squares together then started edging in granny stitch and there we go….the crojo appeared just like that….now I have a new huge crochet storage box….a little spot in the sunny conservatory where I can play some classical sounds to my hearts content…and a pile of patterns to try in my quest to get tidier at it and better at it…

I adore Etsy for patterns so will be sharing (affiliate linked patterns as I purchase them and as I try them out)…

I have some pretty old posts here also which I will be weeding out and tidying up.

We have a motor home, an old Hymer – Joycie the Bubble….there will be updates there because she is perfect for some crochet whilst Christopher is windsurfing on the lake…

We are trying to get our lives back by working less so there will be updates on this….and links to recipes I have tried and books I have read….

Life is good!!


Oh indeed yes….Happy Days!!

Geri x

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