Gifting Blankets…


This blanket, which brought about the return of the crojo….is about to be given away.  I have a border to put on it, some ends to cut, give it a wash, add some beaded tassels on the corners and it will be ready to gift….I have decided in my new quest for trying new crochet patterns, that I will use leftover wool to make blankets and give them away….

The gifting idea comes from my reading of The Power by Rhonda Byrne….indeed one of the most feelgood reads I have had in a long time…I very much recommend a reading of it…especially if you are feeling down…some really interesting ideas and what do you have to lose…well, about £7 ish from Amazon…


Click on the page picture above to direct you to it on Amazon (affiliate link).

My next pattern purchase….to do after I have put a crochet edging on a skirt….is from Starlily….she is one of my favourite pattern makers….the first pattern I have purchased so will keep up to date with my progress….


As before, click on the picture above which will send you off in the direction of the Starlily shop….she has other patterns on other sites….I will share as I find them for you….(affiliate link).


Until then… to create some food for the family before I can pick up the hook again later….

Geri x


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