Crochet Crazy Girl Book


Colourful Traditional Crochet from Crochet Crazy Girl (#ad)

Due to numerous requests from her followers and fans, Wendy’s first book, Crochet Crazy Girl – My Colourful Life is followed by a second book. It is a rainbow of colours and focuses on Wendy’s love of traditional crochet and her uncanny way of choosing yarn colours that compliment each other. She found inspiration and a theme for her second book after sitting down to draw her own portrait version of well-known Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Wendy was greatly inspired by the beautiful art and flowers Frida surrounded herself with. The end product is once again a feast for the eyes.Wendy Erasmus-Koutlis is known as Crochet Crazy Girl on social media. This artist does not like to be boxed in. She is her own free spirit, marching to the beat of her own drum, lacking fear and doubt. In this second book she continues to draw artistic inspiration using her home life and surroundings in the country as a canvas for her magical projects. You can see her surroundings in the beautiful photography in this book.

(Very high on my Must Have list!)

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