So, hows it going this year so far?

It’s manic….yes, that’s what it is…

Amongst the mania we are trying to accept the “Level Up My Life” challenge…we have managed most of them, failed to do a crossword on one day…carried it over to a day with more time…


The Dead Bug was a new one on me….I had to watch it on You Tube, I was hoping for an exercise somewhat similar to Sleeping Lions…but no…however, getting good sleep is surely good for you so I am waiting for the “Stay in Bed Until Noon” Challenge.

I’m still attempting to make healthy food and vary it…currently using Eat, Shop, Save by Dale Pinnock – I am really liking this book, the flavours are pretty tasty, nothing bland here and great on the budget….apart from yesterday when I treated us to king prawns…


Pottering along with Ebay sales, it’s always a quiet time of the year for us…in my own shop I have started on some clothing I have been meaning to share with you…click on tab above as usual…


This is a pre-loved skirt by Boden in size UK 16L – I LOVE Boden so there will be more, I also love Monsoon, Whistles, Joules, White Stuff, Fat Face….so be prepared for some more soon.

In our mad monkey Ebay store we are sorting stock, listing the things we didn’t know we still had and starting with some sales for you….there will be some bargains because we are closing this shop, so keep an eye out for some clearance prices…


We don’t have much clothing left now….lots of wetsuits still available.  Hoodie above is Urban Beach and now only available in Grey Small, in fact only two left at time of writing… click on picture to check if there are any left….

No updated crochet projects to report….I have proclaimed that I will finish all projects before starting any more…but time is not permitting at the moment…


Well, work hard most of the time, but always, always take some quiet time when you feel you need it…we are currently working hard with plans for relaxing times…burning out is not an option…

Geri x

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