Friday February 28th 2020

Oh dear, oh dear it has been a while….I shall update on why…

I thought I might consider the life of an Ebay reseller and have been trying it out.  However….in my search for simplicity it doesn’t really fit.  I purchased some pre-loved clothing and jewellery and suddenly my laundry sessions became unbearable and my ironing pile was like a mountain, my bedroom is full of boxes.  I have to admit feeling huge satisfaction cleaning jewellery though, this may continue.


So, pop over to Etsy or to the Ebay shop because I am selling it all right now….it’s not for me…I want to establish floor space and counter top space and this doesn’t work.

Concentrating now on family time, travel, books, crochet and cooking….mostly cake…and investigating budget meals….the piles of clothes must go!

Going on a business trip with Christopher and having some time in the hotel to myself I almost finished an old blanket project and enjoyed it so much!  Yes, the hooks are coming out again!  I have missed reading, no books here in ages so this will change, the odd book review coming your way.  And, recipes….and links to my favourite books and crochet patterns…I am relaxing just thinking about it all…

Watch this space…

Geri x

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