Why Do We Have All This Stuff?!


A very good question….we have so much stuff!  I am currently determined to get rid of it all, some is being sold, some is being donated and some just given back to the person we borrowed it from and forgot to return it…oops!


I have been collecting jewellery, I am not entirely sure why? I love it, I like cleaning it and making it sparkle….but I rarely wear it…and it all deserves to be worn…so I am keeping the few bits I absolutely love and DO wear…the rest is being auctioned in Ebay or listed in Etsy…find the tabs above guys….it it doesn’t sell after a month it is being donated to my local charity shop…

I can’t begin to tell you how fabulous it feels to see some space slowly appearing!  AND when this stuff is all gone, the crochet will come back, I am missing it!

Happy Friday 13th my lovelies!

Geri x

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