Wash Your Hands


It surely is a crazy world out there.  I have always washed my hands but I am now massively more mindful of it…I admit I am washing my hands more now than before, when I get to work (where I work on my own) when I get home, before I eat always….

However, I am pretty confused on what to believe and what not to believe….I understand people with current illnesses, the elderly, the very young should be concerned and take all precautions, better to be safe… But are we supposed to be locking up our elders because a fair few of them are pretty stubborn and not interested in taking these measures.  It might just come to that!

I don’t understand the panic buying of toilet rolls, however, I always buy mine in bulk from Amazon and had just had a delivery so if you saw my supply here you might think prepping had been happening here.  I struggled to get a packet of pasta last week, I see the rice is now running low…it’s all a bit mad.

Luckily I work on my own and my only public visiting place is the shop for the food, where it is disappearing fast.  Pretty happy to stay at home here and chill with books, Netflix (currently Peaky Blinders and Drive to Survive) and of course finishing up some crochet projects.  Also listing listing listing because we are still selling all of our stuff, hoping to get away in Joycie the Bubble Hymer pretty soon…


And these little beauties are having no trouble relaxing….so, be like a cat….keep washing and keep chilling….it will get better.

Take lots of care guys.

Geri x

4 thoughts on “Wash Your Hands

  1. Stay safe and well. Here in Holland its also madness the supermarkets are emptying quicker than they fill them. Since the prime minister made his statement , we have choice to work at home, schools are still open , most events have been cancelled and many cinema’s etc are choosing to close no lockdown yet but think that is a matter of time


    • Mostly the same here….luckily for me I am not a massive social creature these days so not much different for me….I am on standby for shopping for my parents who are over 70 but they seem to have enough shopping for the next week or so…very surreal times! 🙂 x


      • Update we have shut down of all cafe’s restaurants, museums, theatres etc. Supermarkets are open and chemists etc. Schools open for parents that work for health and emergency services. Borders are closing for all but necessary transportation. Take care everyone.


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