Hibernation Time…


Oh very surreal times….like anyone else our sales have dropped significantly but we are OK, we just practice frugal eating, we don’t need anything except food and Netflix really…the thing I miss the most is seeing someone I know and giving them a hug…

My heart hurts for those people who have lost loved ones and are sick, the people who have or will lose their jobs or businesses…at a time like this it is so important to keep each other going, to help each other, find some humour in trying times.

If you can look at it as hibernation time, make plans, evaluate your goals because this will be over soon, it will seem like ages, but it will be over.  Clean your house, soak in your bath, read those books you have been meaning to read, get lots of good sleep.  Yesterday the sun actually came out, we sat in the garden, oh that was nice.  Keep sharing things on social media…I love the Italians singing and dancing on their balconies!  Feel free to use the comment space below and say how you are coping and throw a virtual hug out to everyone else!


Picture shared from the Instagram account of Janette Manrara...  dance in your kitchen my lovelies, you have been given some at home time, use it wisely…

Geri x


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