Finding Joy at Home…


So, it’s lunch time and all I have done is drive my daughter to work and try and find out when my Hermes delivery will be collected….


So….I am heaving my three large boxes to a safe place so that I can go and get my parcels ready at work….luckily it isn’t raining! Yay!

So, joy at home for me is crochet….I haven’t done any in so long!  Just before the virus got worse (adding here that thankfully I don’t have it)  I had decided to finish all ongoing projects and properly eat healthily….Now, I am going to make a cake and start a new blanket…oh indeed yes…

Take some time to find some fab patterns and crochet websites….I will share with you as I find them….today I am liking The Crochet Swirl…


Just click on the picture above and go and check it out…. I adore these Cath Kidston inspired colours!

More links tomorrow my lovelies…

Geri x

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