Making It Happen…

Still sorting out and removing stuff from our lives….it’s fabulous when it’s actually something which takes up more space. This is an excellent tent, we have absolutely had the best time going away in it, but now we don’t need it any more – we have Joycie the Bubble Bus so no need for tents. It will be continuing with its happy camping life with my sister – she will love it!!

So for now, it seems like a thankless task but there are spaces and light at the end of tunnel – we still aim to only have the physical things in our lives that we really need. I am still having books, not ready to give up on those yet, but, I am putting more on my Kindle now than I used to and I am getting used to using it…who else has tried to physically turn the page when they get tired?

2 thoughts on “Making It Happen…

  1. Hi Geri I love your posts and they always are colourful and interesting. Your posts also made me read into little bit of your diary. Just want wish you all the best for future x


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