Don’t be Rude…

We have had a business on Ebay for many years now and believe me we have had every rude customer out there I am sure. There are days I don’t let it get to me and there are days I find it so frustrating! There are no reasons to be rude….ever….end of my story really.

We are now using Ebay to sell all of our things and I hope to never have to use Ebay again. Because however much you might be in the right as the seller and however unfair the refund you have had to make or the feedback you have had to accept, Ebay will almost always side with the buyer.

We are looking forward to the days where we just report on our travel, where we have been, who we have seen and never have to report on people scamming for free items again.

Oh I think I am hot and hormonal today…..

Packing away the tea trolley now!!

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