Move On, it’s easier….

So, Ebay did it to us again….what a love/hate journey we have had with them. This time a buyer wanted to return, chose “item not as described” then in comments said he received a wetsuit measuring 145cms (which is exactly what we had described) and Ebay are not willing to change it so we have to accept it and pay all of the postage.

The biggest lesson for us here is not that Ebay are in effect totally ridiculous, the main lesson is that we have no way of changing this, we are only now using them to sell the stuff we have left, 99% of our buyers are lovely, and moving on and letting it go is far easier. We have spent many jaw clenching rants on how unfair and unjust it is and the only people getting wound up in these conversations are us…far easier to believe karma will do it’s thing somewhere down the line and we have nothing to worry about.

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