What Do You Choose…

So, we are still really at the beginning of our search for simplicity. We have downsized, that stage is done, we now have to remove all of the things in our lives we no longer need or use. To be honest this is pretty easy, because we were ready for it…I only wish we didn’t have as much to remove as it is taking a little time. However, the lockdown for us was used wisely, sorting and selling and planning.

The next stage is exciting and scary at the same time. How to live on less money….would we rather have everything we want but have to work within the system or would we rather do things, experience things, learn to live with less. I don’t think there has been one thing I have sold or given away that caused me any grief, in fact it was pretty much lightening a load which I have carried for a very long time.

We are planning to take a trip in Joycie The Bubble to Wales for our first few weeks to get used to vanlife for longer than just a long weekend. It is exciting and I think we can do it, I am going to share all the ups and the downs with you, just in case you are thinking of doing the same thing. We particularly want to not eat out and try and create our own meals all of the time in the van….my recipe book is in progress, low maintenance and hopefully tasty. All of my favourite cook books are out, choosing van friendly concoctions.

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