I Finally Found My Passion…

Oh joy! I finally found my passion and it’s one I can carry around with me when we go van travelling. Apart from the obvious which is Christoff, I have had a little difficulty trying to think about a passion whilst travelling apart from walking….which I love…and cooking which will be a new challenge but I am working on low maintenance meals.

I love to crochet, I like to make some jewellery but it never felt like real passion and would take up space in Joycie The Bubble. Then, yesterday I had a bit of a day where some things didn’t go quite right, I finished a book which was really quite sad and decided I need to see some sharing of love, some raising up of each other, some solidarity. You guys certainly did me proud, I shared the following picture asking for the names of the Instagram accounts you really love and wanted to raise….oh my lovelies, I am still working through them and will share them all and add the links shortly.

So, I felt absolutely passionate about sharing all of your passions. All across the world there is an army of you guys either choosing to do your own thing, doing it as a hobby and wanting to do it as your thing, wanting to escape the system….(an excellent read Escape the System by Joe Barnes…recommended). I loved seeing all the things you are creating, you really are an amazingly talented group of people willing to think outside of the box and I feel great about bringing you all together.

Now, I have to tell you the Etsy links and any Amazon links will be affiliated which means I get a very small percentage for sending you that way if you purchase anything. If you have a website I will absolutely be adding your link for free….I only need to cover the cost of the link in profile tool and this website, we have worked for what feels like a hundred years to be able to do this…we are very fortunate.

So keep on sharing for each other, make new like minded friends, inspire each other…. life is short, lets try and make it a good one!

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