There has been a lot of wishful sighing this week….sometimes it is hard to focus…I have been looking at Instagram pictures of people who have already done what we want to do….they have gotten rid of all the unwanted stuff and they are enjoying every day. This week for us has felt like a little bit of a chore, even though, dare I say, there are spaces now in our warehouse and we are finding even more things we didn’t know we still had. So, we took almost a day off from the incessant sorting. And we went and gave ourselves a little bit of nature therapy.

We gave Mabel a little run up to Siblyback Lake, it’s so close to home but I have never been there. Not the best weather day but we managed to find a table by the lake for a cup of tea and some reflection.

A short journey back to pop in and check on my parents, who just happened to be dishing up some cottage pie….well timed! And then back to the chaos to continue sorting it all out. Even though we are limiting our spending now, a little book purchase was madly necessary for a little spark of joy.

The thing I LOVE about this book…. all the extra inspiration, it’s not just a cook book….in fact I will be fishing out all of my favourite recipes here and putting in my own little favourite recipe book…this beauty will be popped into Joycie the Bubble for travel reading purposes.

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