Quick Decisions

Collect up all of the things you no longer want, need or are broken….put them all in the same place or the same room or the same shed.

Go through each item, you will keep it – because you use it or you love it, you will sell it – because it was expensive and you would like to get some of your expenses back, you will donate it – either to charity or to friends or family, or you will throw it away – responsibly.

Don’t pick it up and not make an immediate decision. As soon as it goes on the “not sure” pile it becomes clutter.

I currently have one room and almost all of a garage left to work through. The feeling of freedom after each bag of things leave the house is indescribable.

Start your decluttering today. You don’t have to do it all at once, but maybe a couple of items a day to start with, you will be surprised at how much momentum your enthusiasm picks up along the way. Have fun and enjoy the extra space!!

Make Your Choices Count

It would be easy wouldn’t it to put everything down to fate?

Really, so much depends on the action you take and the decisions you make.

The place you find yourself in today is entirely down to the choices you made along the way.

Maybe the only choice you can make on the bad days is to see the good, to see the things you have to be grateful for, there are always things to be grateful for….

Let’s not underestimate the power of being in control of our perceptions, our emotions. Let’s not allow the small stuff change from lakes into oceans.

Change your ideas into goals from your dreams, then make a plan, take some action, as hard as it seems.

Today do just one thing that makes you feel proud, don’t waste your whole life following the crowd.

Go your own way, switch off the Sat Nav, making your own path isn’t a bad habit to have.


Is it so hard to be kind? to support people, keep their feelings in mind.

You don’t have to be everyone’s mate, just be considerate, respectful, no need to hate.

That person is somebody’s father or mother, son or daughter, sister or brother.

You may never see eye to eye, but when you see them just nod, maybe say “Hi”

Then walk on by.

You see, one small act of kindness just grows and grows, touching everyone with sparkle wherever it flows.

Today, be that person who smiles, who hugs, who is warm.

And do it again tomorrow until it’s the norm.

Don’t leave it all to someone else, you do it, you be kind.

Both for the well being of others and for your own piece of mind.

Todays task is simple, just be kind ❤️

Artwork from Sam Toft 🙏 http://www.samtoft.co.uk

Your Comfort Zone is not Locked

When you cross that bridge out of your comfort zone you are not burning it the door always remains open for you to take refuge there

I love my comfort zone. It’s like a cosy lounge with an open fire when it’s snowing outside. But, if you stay in front of the fire forever you will begin to take it for granted. How much better does that place feel after you have spent a few hours outside in the cold, building snowmen, throwing snowballs.

We all know someone who seems to forever live outside of a comfort zone, adrenaline junkies you admire but don’t really want to be. They have a lounge with a fire somewhere too, it’s just not in the same place as yours.

Today, think about stepping out of your comfort zone, even if it’s just a few steps, give it a go and just come back inside if it gets too much.

Take a look at the list of things you would do if you knew you wouldn’t fail, choose one…..what would be the first little step towards this goal? Do one thing today towards it, make a phone call, sign up for a course, read and research. You never know, your dream may just become reality.

I am currently reading The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani.

I love this quote here from Steve Jobs. Today, try and start thinking outside of the box. Life really was made up by people no smarter than you.

You can do anything you put your mind to.

Have a beautiful day x

Not Your People

This is your dream, it's time for you to live it.

So, you have been brainstorming, coming up with lists of the things you dream of doing. You have lists and notes and great ideas. Today I want you to think about the people you surround yourself with, the friends, the family, the colleagues. Some of these will make you feel great about yourself and some of them not so much. So, today start thinking about which ones you can do without, the ones who bring absolutely nothing to your life, the ones who laugh at your ideas, the ones who think they are better than you… Think about what they will bring for you when you start to talk about the dream you would like to bring to life, you need to be surrounded by people who will believe in you, people who, even though they think you are totally mad, will still help you out emotionally when needed. They are out there, we all take them for granted, but these are the people you need to keep close to you….the rest, if you don’t want to remove them completely, can remain acquaintances.

Surround yourself with good vibrations, everyone deserves this and especially you now that you have decided to make some changes. Be bold, be brave and cut some ties, some relationships were just not meant to be. Do it politely, do it with dignity, do it gradually if you would rather, but just start to do it. I already did this quite a while ago and it’s not so hard and surprisingly quite liberating.

There Will Be Lessons

Absolutely nobody ever had a dream and then reached it in five minutes….. there is no reward in that is there? Every time we fail it’s just a lesson….maybe on just how not to do it, maybe something a little deeper than that. But failure is not always the end, it will lead to you trying and trying until you succeed, or it will just lead to a change in the path towards the destination which is really yours. If the road seems too long, put in some rest stops, make the steps small, as long as you are travelling in the right direction. You WILL get there!

So, Day 1, think long and hard about your dreams, brainstorm in a notebook, decide which one you most want to bring into reality. I have decided to do this blog as my dream, to bring it to people who might like to use it to help themselves….I have no idea at the moment how I am going to do this, but I will be sharing it with you each step of the way. Please do subscribe in the Home page if you would like to follow my progress or if you would like to share your progress in the comments.

Let’s start the journey together!

Money Saving Tips..

So, I might have taken these little beauties out of the wrapping and tried to pretend that I had bought toys for our non existent dog. However, they were thrown into my tumble dryer with the last load, believe me I only use the dryer when I have to – today it’s pretty wet outside.

For a self titled preacher of positivity I rarely believe these things will work, but the tumble drying time was hugely reduced, dancing around the kitchen to Cher in excitement. Clicking on the picture should take you to Amazon and yes it is an affiliate link, but I spend so much on Amazon I deserve a tiny bit back. Look forward to other Amazon reviews, I have quite the back catalogue to work through! Happy shopping…..if the link works…..I will check it….if I remember to….

Never Too Old To Learn..

I have to agree that you really are never too old to learn. However, working on these pages has been ever testing. Where are the days of just scribbling it down in a notebook?

So, I am trying something new, checking out the page, making little tweaks, completely changing things, swearing like I know no other words, checking out the page again, trying something new, not liking it, going back to how it was…. but the joy is in the trying and in the learning. Please do let me know if you see something wrong, or something that might look better, all criticism is welcome, constructive preferred.

The days are getting colder and I find myself wanting to go out and enjoy the changes in the season but never quite finding the time. Countdown to a new wood burner here, the hot chocolate and cream is being put on hold until the first lighting. Then, on to planning some new stairs and a much larger under stairs bookshelf. Too many books is never a thing….tell me about what you are reading in comments…all recommendations are greatly welcomed. x

Colourful Imagination

Photo by Rodolfo Clix on Pexels.com

Aeroplanes and sports cars and even ice-cream

Didn’t just appear here, they were once somebodies dream.

Inside of their minds, a spark of inventions.

They thought about it and thought about it in their colourful imaginations.

Others who exist in just blacks and greys

Laugh at these dreamers, can’t understand their ways.

Everything you see, everything you own,

Your TV, your house, your sofa, your phone

Started as that idea, that plan, that spark and they were brave enough and strong enough

Brought electric light to the dark.

So, if you have that dream, hold it tight, don’t let go!

Everything is possible, just never accept “NO”.

Hit the Snooze Button…

It’s raining now, the curtains shut, your world has gone to bed.

You’re trying to snooze, you’re feeling snug, but thoughts invade your head.

So, you grab the phone, have a scroll, right now there is no rush.

You “like” some posts, check your mails and play some Candy Crush.

You run through tomorrow in your head, decide to get up at six.

Do an hour of yoga, feast on Weetabix.

You check the time, it’s half past three, you need to try and doze.

You watch some You Tube, fall asleep, the phone nearly breaks your nose.

It’s five am, you’re finally there, a deep and dreamy sleep.

Just as your mind begins to rest, the alarm clock starts to beep.

It’s time for yoga, rise and shine, but it’s not really breaking news.

You swear, roll over, think start tomorrow, then you hit the snooze.

It’s nine pm, a movie calls, hot chocolate, cat on lap.

Half way through, your eyelids drop, you’re twitching, time to nap.

Eleven thirty you wake up, film’s finished, that’s a pain.

But, refreshed now, feeling wide awake, it’s time for bed again.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com