Your Only Limit is Your Mind…

It really is a type of an awakening when you realise this….but, it’s not an overnight process to change your thoughts. After all, most of us have had many many years of programming ourselves to think just like everybody else. It’s all about realising that we don’t have to watch every news bulletin, we don’t have to watch never ending serial killer documentaries, we don’t have to take part in anything negative if we don’t want to…. in fact, it is a huge part of our well being.

Today, choose one thing to change. One little step towards happiness. Decide to stop watching the news, I no longer watch it, but believe me, I do know what is going on in the world because other people discuss it all the time, you won’t be living in an ignorant bubble (but if you want to live in that ignorant bubble, do it!) Choose happy programmes to watch, ditch the serial killers and the crime documentaries and find something inspirational. Go for Fearne Cottons Happy Place Podcasts instead. Unfollow or snooze those friends on Facebook who constantly rant or share negative opinions. You don’t have to “unfriend” them, they are still your friends, but having a constant stream of other people’s unhappy moments does not help you – it might seem selfish, but your world is your world, it is totally up to you what you accept into it.

Should you be in a situation which is negative and out of your control, and I know these situations exist, be very sure that there is something in your world you can be grateful for. The sun rising every morning, the birds singing, the flowers growing, the sun on your face, dancing in the rain. Say out loud to yourself even the tiniest things you are grateful for….it might seem really silly at the time, but it will help. I haven’t read it yet, it is really close to the top of my book mountain now, Viktor Frankl – Mans Search for Meaning – if this guy could do it surely anyone can?

Images taken from Pinterest, please message me for either public credit or removal, thank you x

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