Sunshine and Fresh Air…

If you have ever visited Bodmin Moor you will know it is one of the most magical places. Beautiful and barren at the same time, windswept and wild with apparently its own weather zone if you checked the weather forecast before you went but it was totally opposite to expectations when you got there. I once got caught in a hail storm on Roughtor, totally unexpected and had to shelter under a rock with a sheep.

We were so lucky to have a sunny day yesterday. An almost Spring like vibe in October. The air was lusciously fresh, the animals were all chilled and it was so quiet. We walked up Roughtor and down the other side and then up Brown Willy, the highest point in Cornwall. Admittedly, I am not great with hills, I could walk hundreds of miles on the flat, but hills, nope…. But, determined I am and I made it to the top… You can find stories on Instagram, complete with my Darth Vader breathing, but they are only there for 24 hours so pop over quickly.

Fresh air and sunshine, an amazing combination when it comes to feeling good. For me it can banish the bluest of moods and leave me wondering what on earth was the matter with me before I set off. Fresh air and rain, as long as you are dressed accordingly, can be just as refreshing. Especially if you come home, hot shower, then get the hot chocolate made in your favourite mug and sit in front of the fire. Pull out your favourite book, put on your favourite Reading Music and chill. Hit the reset button and start again the next day. The next spare hour you have, make the plan, do the walk and reap the rewards.

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