Hold Hands with Happiness…

My Darling,

Do not be drawn in by the negative people.

When they reach out to you, Wrap their poisonous cloaks around you, Fill your beautiful mind with doubts and sharp corners,

Convince you to defend your very being and pure beliefs.

My Darling,

Take a moment, step back and breathe.

Remember who you are, remember this is your world

Yes, yours to do with as you will.

Yours to fill with all the prettiness, all the light, all the flowers and happiness you so deserve.

You owe no explanations to anyone else, you answer only to yourself.

My Darling,

Be drawn in by the positive people.

When they reach out to you, to wrap you in perfect wonderfulness.

Accept that these are your tribe, your partners in blissful vibration.

Hold hands with happiness, Decide to live your life, no regrets.

You only have yourself to convince.

Choose and be strong, My Darling.

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