Never Too Old To Learn..

I have to agree that you really are never too old to learn. However, working on these pages has been ever testing. Where are the days of just scribbling it down in a notebook?

So, I am trying something new, checking out the page, making little tweaks, completely changing things, swearing like I know no other words, checking out the page again, trying something new, not liking it, going back to how it was…. but the joy is in the trying and in the learning. Please do let me know if you see something wrong, or something that might look better, all criticism is welcome, constructive preferred.

The days are getting colder and I find myself wanting to go out and enjoy the changes in the season but never quite finding the time. Countdown to a new wood burner here, the hot chocolate and cream is being put on hold until the first lighting. Then, on to planning some new stairs and a much larger under stairs bookshelf. Too many books is never a thing….tell me about what you are reading in comments…all recommendations are greatly welcomed. x

2 thoughts on “Never Too Old To Learn..

  1. I am reading Cathy Kelly ‘ The year that changed Everything’ and as I have decided I have just too many books am reading it on Kindle 🙃


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