Not Your People

This is your dream, it's time for you to live it.

So, you have been brainstorming, coming up with lists of the things you dream of doing. You have lists and notes and great ideas. Today I want you to think about the people you surround yourself with, the friends, the family, the colleagues. Some of these will make you feel great about yourself and some of them not so much. So, today start thinking about which ones you can do without, the ones who bring absolutely nothing to your life, the ones who laugh at your ideas, the ones who think they are better than you… Think about what they will bring for you when you start to talk about the dream you would like to bring to life, you need to be surrounded by people who will believe in you, people who, even though they think you are totally mad, will still help you out emotionally when needed. They are out there, we all take them for granted, but these are the people you need to keep close to you….the rest, if you don’t want to remove them completely, can remain acquaintances.

Surround yourself with good vibrations, everyone deserves this and especially you now that you have decided to make some changes. Be bold, be brave and cut some ties, some relationships were just not meant to be. Do it politely, do it with dignity, do it gradually if you would rather, but just start to do it. I already did this quite a while ago and it’s not so hard and surprisingly quite liberating.

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