Is it so hard to be kind? to support people, keep their feelings in mind.

You don’t have to be everyone’s mate, just be considerate, respectful, no need to hate.

That person is somebody’s father or mother, son or daughter, sister or brother.

You may never see eye to eye, but when you see them just nod, maybe say “Hi”

Then walk on by.

You see, one small act of kindness just grows and grows, touching everyone with sparkle wherever it flows.

Today, be that person who smiles, who hugs, who is warm.

And do it again tomorrow until it’s the norm.

Don’t leave it all to someone else, you do it, you be kind.

Both for the well being of others and for your own piece of mind.

Todays task is simple, just be kind ❤️

Artwork from Sam Toft 🙏

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