Scrolling Bliss

If Facebook had a new App where negativity didn’t exist.

I think I’d even be prepared to pay,

For that type of scrolling bliss.

I want to see the pictures of the kids first day at school.

The flowers you got as a thank you, your dog in the paddling pool.

I want to hear how proud you are of the progress that you made.

I want to share your businesses and help increase your trade.

I want to enjoy your holidays, of course I will be jealous.

Keep them tasteful, keep them clean, don’t be too over zealous.

I’ve had enough of politics, I don’t want to see it here.

It would be quite amazing to make all trolls disappear.

I would celebrate your dogs and cats, your hamsters and your fish.

Post everything that’s nice and good.

As many selfies as you wish.

But as soon as you feel a rant coming on, you know what you must do.

Log out right now, delete this App, old Facebook is for you.

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