Polka Dot Wellies

When I’m old I’m going to blow bubbles

In the main street of the town.

Eat ice cream with a flake on top,

Make all the young ones frown.

I’m finding my inner hippy,

Wearing nothing on my feet,

Laughing hard several times a day,

Hug everyone that I meet.

I’m going to wear clashing patterns

And flowers in my hair.

Puddle jump in polka dot wellies,

The brightest mismatching pair.

I’m going to get myself a trampoline

Be eccentric as I like.

I’m getting a wicker basket

For the front of my three wheeled bike.

I don’t think that I’m willing to wait

I’m old enough now, it’s time!

I’m ready for fun, sun and beach

And the odd gin and tonic with lime.

Don’t plan it and wait – plan it and do it!

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