Do you ever feel like you don’t belong
Like you’ve called everybody’s bluff
Like you’re not as amazing as they thought you were
And you’re just not good enough.

You start to feel so insecure
Whilst all around are shining.
They all seem to be so self assured
Whilst your confidence is declining.

You start to play your strengths right down
You start to feel too humble.
You say “I’m not as good as you”
Your defences start to crumble.

I want you to remember, I want you to dismiss,
Any such thoughts entering your head,
At times everyone feels like this.

You have always been good enough for someone,
And they rely on the things you do
To bring joy and happiness to their days
And help them see it through.

We’re quick to leave a bad review,
But we all need to be praised.
Stop taking notice of the trolls
And you might just be amazed.

You are so glitteringly marvellous
You have everything it takes.
When you just stop competing with the rest
And learn from your mistakes.

This life is not a competition
It’s not a great big race.
Doing your best is good enough,
Your outstanding saving grace.

So when you feel inferior again,
Those feelings start to grow.
Remember everyone has those days
They just don’t let it show.

Gorgeous artwork from 🙏

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