Let Them Go …

You know those people,
The ones that shine.
Happy vibes glowing,
Making you feel fine.
Surround yourself with them.

We all deserve to feel brilliant.
To bring out our very best.
And those beautiful souls are out there.
You’ll have no time to feel depressed.

Those who nag you and criticise,
You should let them go.
There’s no place for them in your life.
The seed is planted and now you grow.

Learn and laugh and absorb the joy
Keep the right people near.
Then be that warm light for others,
Another feel good pioneer.

Happy artwork from @ingelook.rus

Still Here…

Sometimes it’s not easy getting older,
When your bones ache and you can’t sleep
And the tiredness, the need to weep
Can wear you down like never before.
But, you’re still here and you owe it to those who have gone,
To live this life with every fibre of your being,
With every bit of you which is still magnificent,
Every wrinkle, every new wiry chin hair, every time you have to get up in the night.
Embrace it all and never, never lose that twinkle in your eye,
That need to keep on learning, to build on the wisdom that you have earned.
Wear polka dots, go dancing, bungee jump if you must,
But don’t you stop living and loving and giving it your all
Even though you might be shorter now, head up, keep standing tall.

Absolutely beautiful artwork from @mayafidawi


As long as you can make them laugh
Even in the darkest times,
You’re going to make life better
Helping ease the steepest climbs.

Every person in this world
Has suffered loss and pain.
Has lain defeated in the dust
Not caring to move again.

It might seem inappropriate
It might feel really wrong,
But laughter is the medicine
We need as life goes on.

Holding hands and giving hugs
And smiling through the tears.
Be the one, hold out your hand,
The world needs more volunteers.

Artist @aannies.world


Search for joy everywhere,
Search for joy every day.
When you think that there is none,
And your time for joy is done,
And you can’t even find a reason now to stay.
Relax yourself and close your eyes,
Take a deep breath and chill.
Let it all out, yes, everything
And make yourself calm and still.
Now imagine all those things you love,
Flowers, fields and trees.
Birds chirping merrily,
Washing drying in the breeze.
The sun on your face and ice cream,
Whichever flavour you choose.
The sound of the waves and laughter,
Playing with surfboards and beach canoes.
The excitement felt at Christmas,
Meeting up with family and friends.
Watching classic movies with mince pies,
Anything your Netflix recommends.
All these things are out there,
And many many more.
But joy plays with you and sometimes hides
In places you don’t look anymore.
But when you finally see it,
And it overwhelms despair,
You’re going to begin to live again,
You’re not going anywhere.

Joy is always there.

Photographer- @eyecapturethecastle

Belong If You Must..

Just accept that you don’t have to belong.
To any religion, to any group of friends, to any gender, any culture.
You just have to be happy with yourself.
At home in your own skin, at home with your own morals, certain in your own beliefs.
Happy in your own company.
Belong if you must, if it feels like comfort.
But just know that you matter and you must make your own choices whilst respecting the decisions of others.
Over everything be kind. Always.

Artist @catrin_welzstein

The Climb…

Just start again from scratch as many times as you need.
It’s not failure if you change your mind,
On your journey to succeed.

Often for some strange reason,
Others like to see you fall,
It seems to make them feel so big,
To make you feel really small.

But as long as you get up again,
Each and every time
There is no shame in slipping back
If you just restart the climb.

Artwork by @lapteva.art


Don’t listen to the gossip, the tittle tattle, the toxic words which tumble out unfiltered. Have the presence of mind to try and turn the firing squad into cheerleaders. See it as your challenge to either disagree or walk away. For those little darts of jealousy could very well ricochet right back and cast you in the starring role.

Artist Jacqueline Osborn