At last it is here, December arrived

Out comes the tree, decorations revived.

Switch on the lights and purchase the cake

The one that you planned and forgot to bake.

Time to go shopping, last minute again

Nativities to watch, meals to attend.

Wrapping to do, it seems never ending

Worrying about the money you’re spending.

Should you have goose this year for a change

And won’t listening to the Kings Speech seem strange.

Crisp woodland walks, wagging dogs tails

Getting great deals in the Black Friday sales,

Telling the children they cannot peep

That Santa only comes when they are asleep.

Watching Elf ten more times, you never get bored.

Wondering which dramas and films to record.

A magical time full of joy and tradition.

Sherry and mince pies and calorific nutrition.

Then comes the New Year, everything goes quiet

Joining the gym and the Slimming World diet.

Artist Tracie Kiernan

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