Still Here…

Sometimes it’s not easy getting older,
When your bones ache and you can’t sleep
And the tiredness, the need to weep
Can wear you down like never before.
But, you’re still here and you owe it to those who have gone,
To live this life with every fibre of your being,
With every bit of you which is still magnificent,
Every wrinkle, every new wiry chin hair, every time you have to get up in the night.
Embrace it all and never, never lose that twinkle in your eye,
That need to keep on learning, to build on the wisdom that you have earned.
Wear polka dots, go dancing, bungee jump if you must,
But don’t you stop living and loving and giving it your all
Even though you might be shorter now, head up, keep standing tall.

Absolutely beautiful artwork from @mayafidawi

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