You are allowed to be the most important person in your life.
Yes, yes you are,
You can still love your children,
Your husband, your wife.
But if you don’t put your own well being first,
You won’t be there for them,
You won’t be as present as you should.
Treat yourself kindly and then that will spread,
Think positive thoughts as soon as you wake up in bed.
Stop judging others and comparing to them,
Recognise your achievements and feel gratitude again.
Discipline yourself to be your fabulous best friend,
Let failures be lessons
Not catastrophes to defend.
Meditate more often, giving thanks
Breathe and smile.
Your creation was your first win
Now go and make that worthwhile.

Nothing To Lose…

This year I’m going to stop thinking I’m rubbish
Because actually I’m not.
I’m absolutely fabulous
But somewhere down the line
I think I forgot
That the best friend I have
Should in fact be myself
I can’t expect to be last
Or sadly left on the shelf.
The only competition to beat
Is my last personal best.
Being better than others
Is no fair way to test.
I will do what my mind
Sometimes tells me I shouldn’t.
I will take unknown paths
Which previously I wouldn’t.
Life is short, so find courage
Think hard and then choose
Grab it and live it
You’ve nothing to lose.

The Old Market…

The hustle and the bustle.
Of the Saturday market place.
It has a kind of charm that
Online shopping can’t replace.

Seeing living breathing people
In real time and in the flesh
Making conversations
Out where the air is fresh.

Stopping for hot chocolate
In the square with vintage chairs.
Listening to the chatter
As the traders sell their wares.

Bags and socks and fabrics.
Crafts and toys and cakes.
Shoes and fruits and vegetables
In all sizes and all shapes.

At Christmas time it’s magical
And smells of spiced mulled wine.
Fairy lights and carols
Children queued up in a line
To see Santa in his grotto
Where they’ll say that they’ve been nice.
Then back to shopping stalls again
To sample more delights.

Then home again with aching feet,
Cold noses and red faces.
Bags of humbugs for the grownups
And for the children strawberry laces.

Next day the market has all gone
It’s a normal empty street.
Life goes on as normal
Until it’s back again next week.

Beautiful artwork from @tamsyn_gregory


Sometimes we need to be carried.
Sometimes we all need a hand.
Swallow your pride
You don’t have to hide
These grey days are always unplanned.

Sometimes we need to help others
Sometimes we need to ease pain.
Give them some hope
Throw them that rope
Show them life can be fruitful again.

We should all look out for each other
Unconditionally, whenever we need.
I’m here for you
You’re here for me too.
Together we have to succeed.

Artist @pietgrobler.illustrator

Stay in Bed…

Let’s stay in bed and cuddle
Have a little snooze.
In our little bubble.
Until the hour we choose.

The hum of distant traffic
The patter of the rain.
The cat peering in the window
Thinks we’ve overslept again.

Then you say “Cup of tea?”
Music to my ears.
I stretch a bit and rub my eyes
And my morning brew appears.

Then we put the world to rights
I let you finish my tea.
We talk about the day ahead
We rarely disagree.

Start every day with gratitude
For all the little things.
All the simple pleasures
Each new daylight brings.

Image from @society6

The Kitchen…

Take me to a kitchen
Where the coffee is hot
The Rayburn is burning
But the muffins are not.

The dresser is crammed
Cath Kidston galore
Each colour of the rainbow
Polka dots and more.

The dog is asleep
On the rug by the fire.
The doughnuts are ready
To dip in the fryer.

It smells of vanilla
Of sugar and cakes.
The cat’s in the window
Behind vintage drapes.

Grandma is there
Dusted with flour.
Wondering when
The amaryllis will flower.

Grandad is helping
Carving the turkey.
Ready for family
Due at two thirty.

Where in the world
Could you find this much bliss?
Only at home
There is no place like this.

Happy artwork from @jenniferlambein

The Cat…

It’s 5 am, just getting light
You snuggle down in bed.
But there’s no rest for the wicked.
The cat wants to be fed.

He knows your bedroom window
So he sits and wails so loud.
That you finally get up zombie like
To stop this high pitched sound.

You scrape the gourmet serving
Into his favourite bowl.
You put it down, he looks at you
Already in control.

He saunters over casually
Now he’s not so fast.
He sniffs it likes he’s royalty
“What the hell is that?”

He’s not hungry any more
So now he goes back out.
When the real food comes, human dear
Would you give me a shout?

At 7am he’s back again
Wailing at the door.
You let him in, he drops it
The live mouse on the floor.

Then he uses his litter tray
Flicking it all about.
He sharpens his claws on the table leg
Before he goes back out.

In the evening he is back
To warm up by the fire.
He’s had a busy day sleeping in the hedge
Now more rest is required.

At midnight he is off again.
Who knows where he goes?
He wants to come back in again
The second the door is closed.

At 5am he is back
Howling, wailing loudly.
It’s just as well you love him lots,
Unconditionally, profoundly.

The most gorgeous artwork from @fineliagrace


I love to go to sleep at night
In my comfy bed.
I close my eyes to activate
The adventures in my head.

Sometimes it’s going back in time
To all the places I have been.
Often it’s pretty random
When my mind begins to dream.

I chat to people I once knew
Who have already gone.
We spend the night reminiscing
Before I wake and life goes on.

Sometimes I’m doing breast stroke
But I’m flying through the clouds.
I’m performing like Beyonce
Adored by screaming crowds.

I’m running like an athlete
I’m beating Usain Bolt.
I’m writing a literary masterpiece
Like the ones that Shakespeare wrote.

I’m falling and it scares me
I’m dating Donald Trump
But it’s OK this is the time
I make myself wake up.

It’s morning now, a brand new day
Yawn, stretch, then toast and tea.
I’m off to face the real world
And the adventures it has for me.

Gorgeous artwork by @emilouartanddesign

Home Alone…

We all have days just chilling
In sloppy jumpers, fluffy socks,
We hide behind the sofa
When the postman rings or knocks.
We don’t brush our hair or moisturise,
We don’t bother with foundation.
The lipstick stays inside the bag,
There’s no make up application.
We light the fire, we get a book,
The cosiest crochet blanket.
Kettle on and biscuits out,
Cat snoring in her basket.
These home alone days must be grabbed,
And cherished, loved and planned.
It’s our guilty pleasure, ladies,
Most men don’t understand.
Recharge those tired batteries,
Give your skin a rest.
Snuggle down and read and snooze
Until your brain has been refreshed.
Order take away delivery
Then settle with your book
It’s not often that they all go out
And you don’t have to cook.
You can’t under estimate these special days
Don’t miss them, don’t you dare!!
Snatch them up and wring them out,
The occurrence is so rare.

Artist : @bdelpesco

Late Again…

The alarm goes off, you hit the snooze
Like you always do.
Quick shower, teeth and spray your hair
With your favourite dry shampoo.

No time to eat, you grab some cash
Your bag, your keys, your phone.
But you miss the bus, third time this week,
So you sprint in heels back home.

You get in the car, the battery’s flat
So it won’t start again.
A neighbour comes to help you
In your Get to Work campaign.

All the lights along the way
Seem permanently fixed to red.
Then unexpected traffic queues
There are roadworks up ahead.

This is the moment you give up
There is no point in trying.
You swear out loud, you hit the wheel
To stop yourself from crying.

It’s time to call and say you’re sick
You’ve had to stay in bed.
But no one answers, you hang up,
Tired, grumpy and unfed.

You get home an hour later,
Cursing that it’s Monday.
You check your phone, then double take,
As you realise it’s still Sunday.

You go back to bed feeling pretty daft
And listen to the rain.
Tomorrow is another day
When you’ll oversleep again.

Artist Morgan Weistling