Late Again…

The alarm goes off, you hit the snooze
Like you always do.
Quick shower, teeth and spray your hair
With your favourite dry shampoo.

No time to eat, you grab some cash
Your bag, your keys, your phone.
But you miss the bus, third time this week,
So you sprint in heels back home.

You get in the car, the battery’s flat
So it won’t start again.
A neighbour comes to help you
In your Get to Work campaign.

All the lights along the way
Seem permanently fixed to red.
Then unexpected traffic queues
There are roadworks up ahead.

This is the moment you give up
There is no point in trying.
You swear out loud, you hit the wheel
To stop yourself from crying.

It’s time to call and say you’re sick
You’ve had to stay in bed.
But no one answers, you hang up,
Tired, grumpy and unfed.

You get home an hour later,
Cursing that it’s Monday.
You check your phone, then double take,
As you realise it’s still Sunday.

You go back to bed feeling pretty daft
And listen to the rain.
Tomorrow is another day
When you’ll oversleep again.

Artist Morgan Weistling 

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