The Cat…

It’s 5 am, just getting light
You snuggle down in bed.
But there’s no rest for the wicked.
The cat wants to be fed.

He knows your bedroom window
So he sits and wails so loud.
That you finally get up zombie like
To stop this high pitched sound.

You scrape the gourmet serving
Into his favourite bowl.
You put it down, he looks at you
Already in control.

He saunters over casually
Now he’s not so fast.
He sniffs it likes he’s royalty
“What the hell is that?”

He’s not hungry any more
So now he goes back out.
When the real food comes, human dear
Would you give me a shout?

At 7am he’s back again
Wailing at the door.
You let him in, he drops it
The live mouse on the floor.

Then he uses his litter tray
Flicking it all about.
He sharpens his claws on the table leg
Before he goes back out.

In the evening he is back
To warm up by the fire.
He’s had a busy day sleeping in the hedge
Now more rest is required.

At midnight he is off again.
Who knows where he goes?
He wants to come back in again
The second the door is closed.

At 5am he is back
Howling, wailing loudly.
It’s just as well you love him lots,
Unconditionally, profoundly.

The most gorgeous artwork from @fineliagrace

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