The Kitchen…

Take me to a kitchen
Where the coffee is hot
The Rayburn is burning
But the muffins are not.

The dresser is crammed
Cath Kidston galore
Each colour of the rainbow
Polka dots and more.

The dog is asleep
On the rug by the fire.
The doughnuts are ready
To dip in the fryer.

It smells of vanilla
Of sugar and cakes.
The cat’s in the window
Behind vintage drapes.

Grandma is there
Dusted with flour.
Wondering when
The amaryllis will flower.

Grandad is helping
Carving the turkey.
Ready for family
Due at two thirty.

Where in the world
Could you find this much bliss?
Only at home
There is no place like this.

Happy artwork from @jenniferlambein

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