The Old Market…

The hustle and the bustle.
Of the Saturday market place.
It has a kind of charm that
Online shopping can’t replace.

Seeing living breathing people
In real time and in the flesh
Making conversations
Out where the air is fresh.

Stopping for hot chocolate
In the square with vintage chairs.
Listening to the chatter
As the traders sell their wares.

Bags and socks and fabrics.
Crafts and toys and cakes.
Shoes and fruits and vegetables
In all sizes and all shapes.

At Christmas time it’s magical
And smells of spiced mulled wine.
Fairy lights and carols
Children queued up in a line
To see Santa in his grotto
Where they’ll say that they’ve been nice.
Then back to shopping stalls again
To sample more delights.

Then home again with aching feet,
Cold noses and red faces.
Bags of humbugs for the grownups
And for the children strawberry laces.

Next day the market has all gone
It’s a normal empty street.
Life goes on as normal
Until it’s back again next week.

Beautiful artwork from @tamsyn_gregory

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