Your Bus…

The journey starts, the bus is full
The destination is hazy.
I’m not sure where I want to go
But I’ll go the way it takes me.

Passengers get on and then get off
With so many things to teach.
I now know where I want to go
But it’s completely out of reach.

Then I realise it’s getting close
But I can’t convince the driver.
I ask for help but unfortunately
They don’t want to go there either.

A new passenger sits beside me
And says “no ifs, no buts!”
“To get to where you want to be
You just have to drive the bus!”

And suddenly it seems so simple
This is the pathway to my goal.
I can’t let others lead me there
I have to take control.

Sit myself in the driving seat
And grab the wheel so tight.
Set the Sat Nav, change my course
And drive with all my might.

Don’t leave another person
To map out your hot pursuit.
This is your bus, you are in charge
And you decide the route.

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