Water Your Own Grass…

No matter what you see,
No matter what you think.
I can assure you that not all my cobwebs are pink.
I sigh like you, cry like you
Can’t get to sleep like you
And so many times I have teetered at the brink.
But as you get older, gather wisdom,
You learn
The simple things come cheap
When you’ve no money to burn.
Always have dreams, the biggest are best.
But keeping your feet on the ground
Is the hardest of tests.
Keep looking for joy in the smallest of things.
Hold on to the friends with no obvious strings.
Take a walk, get fresh air
If you’ve nowhere to go.
Notice the birds and the trees
Feel your well being grow.
If your Instagram feed
Is full of luxury cars
Tropical holidays and cocktails and bars.
Remember these are highlights they want you to see.
They have bad days and sad days
Just like you and me.
Water your own grass to make it get greener.
Making plans of your own
So you’re not just a dreamer.

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