The Warrior

Call it what you will,
Depression, anxiety.
I needed a label
For the dark shadow inside of me.
I wanted a name
For the troubled thoughts in my head.
That came out of nowhere
At night in my bed.
I sought some advice
This just made me cynical
When two sessions in
I was told it’s just clinical.
Keep taking the tablets
Don’t feel any shame
We can’t suggest anything
With no trauma to blame.
So I started to read
And research and to learn
That the things I filled my head with
Were a cause for concern.
Negative headlines
News filled with sadness
Movies and video games
Just violent madness.
So I made some small changes
I took matters in hand.
Your car wouldn’t run
If you fuelled it with sand.
I accept medication
As one of my tools.
But I now help myself
With a new set of rules.
Positive thinking,
Helping my mood.
Changing my diet
And I don’t mean just food.
We all have our places
On this spectrum of life.
So feed your brain goodness
When evil seems rife.
Respect one another
Happy thoughts, keep in mind
Don’t ever make judgments
Be yourself and stay kind.

Be Patient…

When they say there is no point
It will never be completed.
That’s when you have to step up your game,
Don’t you ever feel defeated.

The greatest achievers in history,
Didn’t always make the grade.
But they got back up, they bounced right back,
Not beaten, just delayed.

Where would we be if they gave up
When the door slammed in their face.
There would be no planes, no electric lights,
No satellites in space.

You might not be a genius, in the true sense of the word.
But every single one of us
Has life dreams to be heard.

Our children they look up to us
So don’t forget to praise them.
Show them nature, teach them grace,
Tell stories to amaze them.

No matter their physical abilities,
Or the mind battles they face.
Every one of them is brilliant
Don’t make them change their pace.

Nothing is impossible,
No challenges can’t be met.
Have some belief, head high, be strong,
It just hasn’t happened yet.

It will…