OK – lets start this all over again.  You only fail if you give up – right?

So, massively influenced by reading Cait Flanders,  The Year of  Less – I deleted all of my previous posts to start from scratch.  Now, I am not a writer but I do hope to get better at it along the way.

Here you will find my diary, documenting my journey to simplicity.  I am going to give it to you, the good, the bad and the downright cluttered ugly.

We have already downsized to a smaller house and we have purchased a motor home, Joycie the Bubble.  We still have a house full of things, we have a warehouse we rent full of things, we have a warehouse we own full of cars.  It’s all going to go – we don’t need it, we will be left with the bare essentials and the few things that spark joy (thanks Mari Kondo).

So, this will be our journey – you will have your journey so we can’t tell you how to plan it, but hopefully you will get some tips here, a little bit of inspiration, maybe a little bit of humour… let it begin!

Geri x

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