Marriner Yarns – a yarn review…

always good to have some cheaper yarn options 🙂

Coastal Crochet

Have any of you heard of the British yarn company Marriner Yarns ? Have you used any of their yarns before? I had not heard of them until very recently when they contacted me reaching out to see if I would be interested in getting to know their yarns a little more. I like this kind of collaboration… it’s a two way process which works well for everyone – I get free samples of yarn kindly sent to me and in return the company of course gets some free advertising!

I was very happy to say yes and agreed to try some yarns and come up with some new designs as well as review the yarns on my blog. Although the yarn samples were sent to me free, I’m under no obligation to write anything other than my own thoughts… 🙂

So I received a big parcel of yarns… it’s…

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Cowl Neck Poncho Pattern…

I have purchased so many patterns awaiting printing from my computer that in my simplifying challenge is a job in itself.  I need to go through my downloads, print off the patterns I have there and put them on  my To Do pile.  Not sure if I have this one but I have done so well cutting down my purchases lately I might have to buy it.  To justify, the only poncho I have is a summer poncho and it’s getting chillier! And I do love the look of this one.


Cowl Neck Poncho pattern from Immediate Media Store on Etsy


At the moment it’s like welcome to my warehouse here….working on it, working on it….