Don’t Forget to Laugh

It’s raining hard, the day is grey

You’ve chores to do and bills to pay.

But don’t forget to laugh.

You’ve been dieting for that important date,

But the scales are saying you put on weight.

But don’t forget to laugh.

You dropped your phone, you heard it smash,

It doesn’t help that you’re out of cash.

But don’t forget to laugh.

Anything can happen to you my friend,

But you’ll see the humour in the end.

As long as you keep breathing

And your heart continues beating,

You’re still around and living on,

Whilst others have already gone.

They would love to laugh.

Artwork by Shelly Wilkerson ❤️

Far Too Soon…


They were just children really, most of them,
Back in the days when boys became men,
Far too soon.

They were just scared really, glory in sight.
Full of bravado and banter, ready to fight.

But they all left their homes, patriotic and brave.
Some came back broken, some couldn’t be saved.
Heartbroken families, wondering why?
Why so many young men left home just to die.
They certainly did give their lives for our gain,
Dragged into a war, someone else’s campaign.
So, lest we forget, wear your poppy with pride.
Remember and never let their sacrifices subside.
As the sun goes down, they will be recollected
And in the morning their memories will always be respected. 🙏

Scrolling Bliss

If Facebook had a new App where negativity didn’t exist.

I think I’d even be prepared to pay,

For that type of scrolling bliss.

I want to see the pictures of the kids first day at school.

The flowers you got as a thank you, your dog in the paddling pool.

I want to hear how proud you are of the progress that you made.

I want to share your businesses and help increase your trade.

I want to enjoy your holidays, of course I will be jealous.

Keep them tasteful, keep them clean, don’t be too over zealous.

I’ve had enough of politics, I don’t want to see it here.

It would be quite amazing to make all trolls disappear.

I would celebrate your dogs and cats, your hamsters and your fish.

Post everything that’s nice and good.

As many selfies as you wish.

But as soon as you feel a rant coming on, you know what you must do.

Log out right now, delete this App, old Facebook is for you.

Step Up..

When they say there is no point
It will never be completed.
That’s when you have to step up your game,
Don’t you ever feel defeated!

The greatest achievers in history,
Didn’t always make the grade.
But they got back up, they bounced right back,
Not beaten, just delayed.

Where would we be if they gave up
When the door slammed in their face.
There would be no planes, no electric lights,
No satellites in space.

You might not be a genius, in the true sense of the word.
But every single one of us
Has something to be heard.

Our children they look up to us
So don’t forget to praise them.
Show them nature, teach them grace,
Tell stories to amaze them.

No matter their physical abilities,
Or the daily things they face.
Every one of them is brilliant
Don’t make them change their pace.

Nothing is impossible,
No challenges can’t be met.
Have some belief, head high, be strong,
It just hasn’t happened yet.

It will 🙏

Right Now…

Our heads are full of memories,
Some beautiful, some bad.
Some make us smile, some make us laugh and some just make us sad.

Our heads are full of hopes and dreams,
Of all the goals we’ll make.
We plan ahead, we plot our paths
Decide which turns to take.

But don’t forget the here and now,
See the love and match it.
When passion is thrown straight at your heart,
You only have to catch it.

This life of yours, short or long,
Is yours alone to nurture.
So, fill it full of happy days,
Present, past and future.

Ride this Ride…

When you can’t do it on your own.
When you can’t battle through the weather.
You must reach out, it is no crime,
to ride this ride together.
We all live through the same wild storms
and try to talk the talk,
keeping our troubles deep inside,
whilst watching where we walk.
Sometimes just accept some help,
to survive and make it through.
Then when others are struggling at the helm,
you can reach out and help them too.
Even after you’ve flown the nest,
even when you’re grown,
it’s not a sin to hold out a hand,
you don’t have to be alone.
Wherever you are in this great big world,
if you settle or you roam.
Make sure you keep your loved ones safe,
just walking each other home 🙏

Quick Decisions

Collect up all of the things you no longer want, need or are broken….put them all in the same place or the same room or the same shed.

Go through each item, you will keep it – because you use it or you love it, you will sell it – because it was expensive and you would like to get some of your expenses back, you will donate it – either to charity or to friends or family, or you will throw it away – responsibly.

Don’t pick it up and not make an immediate decision. As soon as it goes on the “not sure” pile it becomes clutter.

I currently have one room and almost all of a garage left to work through. The feeling of freedom after each bag of things leave the house is indescribable.

Start your decluttering today. You don’t have to do it all at once, but maybe a couple of items a day to start with, you will be surprised at how much momentum your enthusiasm picks up along the way. Have fun and enjoy the extra space!!

Make Your Choices Count

It would be easy wouldn’t it to put everything down to fate?

Really, so much depends on the action you take and the decisions you make.

The place you find yourself in today is entirely down to the choices you made along the way.

Maybe the only choice you can make on the bad days is to see the good, to see the things you have to be grateful for, there are always things to be grateful for….

Let’s not underestimate the power of being in control of our perceptions, our emotions. Let’s not allow the small stuff change from lakes into oceans.

Change your ideas into goals from your dreams, then make a plan, take some action, as hard as it seems.

Today do just one thing that makes you feel proud, don’t waste your whole life following the crowd.

Go your own way, switch off the Sat Nav, making your own path isn’t a bad habit to have.


Is it so hard to be kind? to support people, keep their feelings in mind.

You don’t have to be everyone’s mate, just be considerate, respectful, no need to hate.

That person is somebody’s father or mother, son or daughter, sister or brother.

You may never see eye to eye, but when you see them just nod, maybe say “Hi”

Then walk on by.

You see, one small act of kindness just grows and grows, touching everyone with sparkle wherever it flows.

Today, be that person who smiles, who hugs, who is warm.

And do it again tomorrow until it’s the norm.

Don’t leave it all to someone else, you do it, you be kind.

Both for the well being of others and for your own piece of mind.

Todays task is simple, just be kind ❤️

Artwork from Sam Toft 🙏

Your Comfort Zone is not Locked

When you cross that bridge out of your comfort zone you are not burning it the door always remains open for you to take refuge there

I love my comfort zone. It’s like a cosy lounge with an open fire when it’s snowing outside. But, if you stay in front of the fire forever you will begin to take it for granted. How much better does that place feel after you have spent a few hours outside in the cold, building snowmen, throwing snowballs.

We all know someone who seems to forever live outside of a comfort zone, adrenaline junkies you admire but don’t really want to be. They have a lounge with a fire somewhere too, it’s just not in the same place as yours.

Today, think about stepping out of your comfort zone, even if it’s just a few steps, give it a go and just come back inside if it gets too much.

Take a look at the list of things you would do if you knew you wouldn’t fail, choose one…..what would be the first little step towards this goal? Do one thing today towards it, make a phone call, sign up for a course, read and research. You never know, your dream may just become reality.

I am currently reading The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani.

I love this quote here from Steve Jobs. Today, try and start thinking outside of the box. Life really was made up by people no smarter than you.

You can do anything you put your mind to.

Have a beautiful day x