Search for joy everywhere,
Search for joy every day.
When you think that there is none,
And your time for joy is done,
And you can’t even find a reason now to stay.
Relax yourself and close your eyes,
Take a deep breath and chill.
Let it all out, yes, everything
And make yourself calm and still.
Now imagine all those things you love,
Flowers, fields and trees.
Birds chirping merrily,
Washing drying in the breeze.
The sun on your face and ice cream,
Whichever flavour you choose.
The sound of the waves and laughter,
Playing with surfboards and beach canoes.
The excitement felt at Christmas,
Meeting up with family and friends.
Watching classic movies with mince pies,
Anything your Netflix recommends.
All these things are out there,
And many many more.
But joy plays with you and sometimes hides
In places you don’t look anymore.
But when you finally see it,
And it overwhelms despair,
You’re going to begin to live again,
You’re not going anywhere.

Joy is always there.

Photographer- @eyecapturethecastle

Belong If You Must..

Just accept that you don’t have to belong.
To any religion, to any group of friends, to any gender, any culture.
You just have to be happy with yourself.
At home in your own skin, at home with your own morals, certain in your own beliefs.
Happy in your own company.
Belong if you must, if it feels like comfort.
But just know that you matter and you must make your own choices whilst respecting the decisions of others.
Over everything be kind. Always.

Artist @catrin_welzstein

The Climb…

Just start again from scratch as many times as you need.
It’s not failure if you change your mind,
On your journey to succeed.

Often for some strange reason,
Others like to see you fall,
It seems to make them feel so big,
To make you feel really small.

But as long as you get up again,
Each and every time
There is no shame in slipping back
If you just restart the climb.

Artwork by


Don’t listen to the gossip, the tittle tattle, the toxic words which tumble out unfiltered. Have the presence of mind to try and turn the firing squad into cheerleaders. See it as your challenge to either disagree or walk away. For those little darts of jealousy could very well ricochet right back and cast you in the starring role.

Artist Jacqueline Osborn 

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day…

Rome wasn’t built in a day, they say
Some things just take more time.
The bigger your goals and the grander your dreams
Means a far higher mountain to climb.

But take that first step on your journey,
Don’t worry about the speed or the pace.
Do it one hundred percent in your own time
You’re the only one running this race.

You will get to the top of that mountain,
If you don’t decide to turn back or to quit.
Sometimes you’ll run, sometimes you’ll walk
And sometimes it’s OK just to sit.

Just keep going with eyes on the summit
Enjoy every lesson you learn on the way.
The successes, the failures, every little bit,
As they say, Rome wasn’t built in one day.

Beautiful artwork by Bob Ross


She dreamt of being famous
Of being a household name.
Of finally being discovered
And receiving critical acclaim.

Getting to practice every day
The very thing she adored.
Passion shining from within
She could not be ignored.

Her life would change, she’d be complete
She’d have houses, friends and cars.
Spending every day loving life
Full of sparkle, fizz and stars.

But as she lies there dreaming,
Life goes on right through it.
The one thing she didn’t realise,
Was she’d actually have to do it.

The first step is the dream stage,
Seeing it in your head.
The next stage is the work part,
Just getting out of bed.

She spent all her life just thinking it,
But never saw it through.
You have time to turn it all around,
And that’s exactly what you’ll do!

Please do ❤️

For the beautiful artwork check out @luniakmonika

You Will See It…

Fluffy Slippers

Happiness can be simple
And found in the smallest things
Not everyone needs to spend too much,
We don’t have to feast like kings.

You will find it in an autumn day
Dog walking in the rain
Splashing about in puddles
Down a quiet country lane.

You will see it in your children
When they make you proud
When you hug them and they hug you back
And declare their love out loud.

You will feel it in clean cotton sheets
That smell floral and divine
You’ve shaved your legs and moisturised
And had two mugs of wine.

You will love it on a Friday night
Meeting mates down at the pub.
Catching up with gossip
Then dad dancing at the club.

Grabbing your favourite book
And snuggling up in a fleece.
Hot chocolate in a massive cup
Enjoying blissful peace.

All it takes is a little thought
Just think outside the box.
Grab your dressing gown, a G&T
And your favourite fluffy socks.


At last it is here, December arrived

Out comes the tree, decorations revived.

Switch on the lights and purchase the cake

The one that you planned and forgot to bake.

Time to go shopping, last minute again

Nativities to watch, meals to attend.

Wrapping to do, it seems never ending

Worrying about the money you’re spending.

Should you have goose this year for a change

And won’t listening to the Kings Speech seem strange.

Crisp woodland walks, wagging dogs tails

Getting great deals in the Black Friday sales,

Telling the children they cannot peep

That Santa only comes when they are asleep.

Watching Elf ten more times, you never get bored.

Wondering which dramas and films to record.

A magical time full of joy and tradition.

Sherry and mince pies and calorific nutrition.

Then comes the New Year, everything goes quiet

Joining the gym and the Slimming World diet.

Artist Tracie Kiernan

As Long As You’re Happy…

How many years of your life will you spend wishing you were someone else?
Wishing you were taller
Wishing you were stronger
Your hair should be straighter
Your eyelashes longer.

How much time will it take to realise that you are just beautifully you?
You are so special
The only one in this world
You don’t have to straighten your hair
Or get your eyelashes curled,
If you don’t want to.

The people who matter, if you’re really wise
Will speak with much love
Shining out from their eyes.

They don’t see your imperfections
And you won’t see theirs.
As long as you’re happy
Neither one of you cares.

Open up all your closed doors
Let everyone come in
Be rid of insecurities
So your best life can begin.

Life’s not all about
Being a look alike Elle Macpherson
It’s all about being you
You most incredible person.


Do you ever feel like you don’t belong
Like you’ve called everybody’s bluff
Like you’re not as amazing as they thought you were
And you’re just not good enough.

You start to feel so insecure
Whilst all around are shining.
They all seem to be so self assured
Whilst your confidence is declining.

You start to play your strengths right down
You start to feel too humble.
You say “I’m not as good as you”
Your defences start to crumble.

I want you to remember, I want you to dismiss,
Any such thoughts entering your head,
At times everyone feels like this.

You have always been good enough for someone,
And they rely on the things you do
To bring joy and happiness to their days
And help them see it through.

We’re quick to leave a bad review,
But we all need to be praised.
Stop taking notice of the trolls
And you might just be amazed.

You are so glitteringly marvellous
You have everything it takes.
When you just stop competing with the rest
And learn from your mistakes.

This life is not a competition
It’s not a great big race.
Doing your best is good enough,
Your outstanding saving grace.

So when you feel inferior again,
Those feelings start to grow.
Remember everyone has those days
They just don’t let it show.

Gorgeous artwork from 🙏