As Long As You’re Happy…

How many years of your life will you spend wishing you were someone else?
Wishing you were taller
Wishing you were stronger
Your hair should be straighter
Your eyelashes longer.

How much time will it take to realise that you are just beautifully you?
You are so special
The only one in this world
You don’t have to straighten your hair
Or get your eyelashes curled,
If you don’t want to.

The people who matter, if you’re really wise
Will speak with much love
Shining out from their eyes.

They don’t see your imperfections
And you won’t see theirs.
As long as you’re happy
Neither one of you cares.

Open up all your closed doors
Let everyone come in
Be rid of insecurities
So your best life can begin.

Life’s not all about
Being a look alike Elle Macpherson
It’s all about being you
You most incredible person.


Do you ever feel like you don’t belong
Like you’ve called everybody’s bluff
Like you’re not as amazing as they thought you were
And you’re just not good enough.

You start to feel so insecure
Whilst all around are shining.
They all seem to be so self assured
Whilst your confidence is declining.

You start to play your strengths right down
You start to feel too humble.
You say “I’m not as good as you”
Your defences start to crumble.

I want you to remember, I want you to dismiss,
Any such thoughts entering your head,
At times everyone feels like this.

You have always been good enough for someone,
And they rely on the things you do
To bring joy and happiness to their days
And help them see it through.

We’re quick to leave a bad review,
But we all need to be praised.
Stop taking notice of the trolls
And you might just be amazed.

You are so glitteringly marvellous
You have everything it takes.
When you just stop competing with the rest
And learn from your mistakes.

This life is not a competition
It’s not a great big race.
Doing your best is good enough,
Your outstanding saving grace.

So when you feel inferior again,
Those feelings start to grow.
Remember everyone has those days
They just don’t let it show.

Gorgeous artwork from 🙏

Piece By Piece

Street art and two girls having lunch chatting.

Remember that day when we met on a Monday and it rained.
And I was depressed, full of anger, but you, full of hope, you never complained.
And to me the world seemed so grey, so bleak.
You held my hand so tightly, you just let me speak.

Then piece by piece you put it all back together.
Happiness isn’t about money or weather.
It’s about intangible feelings, love and contentment.
Leaving the past where it is, letting go of resentment.
Then we laughed and you said “let’s get some chips”
Just like we used to when we were just kids.
We dined in such splendour, the chips were my treat.
Giving thanks by the goddess at the end of the street.

Photo by Philip Allen 🙏

Polka Dot Wellies

When I’m old I’m going to blow bubbles

In the main street of the town.

Eat ice cream with a flake on top,

Make all the young ones frown.

I’m finding my inner hippy,

Wearing nothing on my feet,

Laughing hard several times a day,

Hug everyone that I meet.

I’m going to wear clashing patterns

And flowers in my hair.

Puddle jump in polka dot wellies,

The brightest mismatching pair.

I’m going to get myself a trampoline

Be eccentric as I like.

I’m getting a wicker basket

For the front of my three wheeled bike.

I don’t think that I’m willing to wait

I’m old enough now, it’s time!

I’m ready for fun, sun and beach

And the odd gin and tonic with lime.

Don’t plan it and wait – plan it and do it!

Within Reach…

Today decide to aim higher.

Look up into the sky and smile, imagine what is there for you.

See yourself doing all of those things you just dream about, those things you always thought were out of reach.

What could be worse than giving your all and not quite reaching your target?

Aiming low my friend, playing it safe and hitting the bullseye the very first time and celebrating the success,

And then just sticking there, living the rest of your life feeding on stale morsels whilst others are feasting on just missing out but at least trying.

So, that thing you want to do but you think you can’t…

Just do it, dream it, practice it over and over and grab it…both hands with passion.

Artwork by Tamsyn Gregory ❤️

Don’t Forget to Laugh

It’s raining hard, the day is grey

You’ve chores to do and bills to pay.

But don’t forget to laugh.

You’ve been dieting for that important date,

But the scales are saying you put on weight.

But don’t forget to laugh.

You dropped your phone, you heard it smash,

It doesn’t help that you’re out of cash.

But don’t forget to laugh.

Anything can happen to you my friend,

But you’ll see the humour in the end.

As long as you keep breathing

And your heart continues beating,

You’re still around and living on,

Whilst others have already gone.

They would love to laugh.

Artwork by Shelly Wilkerson ❤️