Money Saving Tips..

So, I might have taken these little beauties out of the wrapping and tried to pretend that I had bought toys for our non existent dog. However, they were thrown into my tumble dryer with the last load, believe me I only use the dryer when I have to – today it’s pretty wet outside.

For a self titled preacher of positivity I rarely believe these things will work, but the tumble drying time was hugely reduced, dancing around the kitchen to Cher in excitement. Clicking on the picture should take you to Amazon and yes it is an affiliate link, but I spend so much on Amazon I deserve a tiny bit back. Look forward to other Amazon reviews, I have quite the back catalogue to work through! Happy shopping…..if the link works…..I will check it….if I remember to….

Never Too Old To Learn..

I have to agree that you really are never too old to learn. However, working on these pages has been ever testing. Where are the days of just scribbling it down in a notebook?

So, I am trying something new, checking out the page, making little tweaks, completely changing things, swearing like I know no other words, checking out the page again, trying something new, not liking it, going back to how it was…. but the joy is in the trying and in the learning. Please do let me know if you see something wrong, or something that might look better, all criticism is welcome, constructive preferred.

The days are getting colder and I find myself wanting to go out and enjoy the changes in the season but never quite finding the time. Countdown to a new wood burner here, the hot chocolate and cream is being put on hold until the first lighting. Then, on to planning some new stairs and a much larger under stairs bookshelf. Too many books is never a thing….tell me about what you are reading in comments…all recommendations are greatly welcomed. x

Colourful Imagination

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Aeroplanes and sports cars and even ice-cream

Didn’t just appear here, they were once somebodies dream.

Inside of their minds, a spark of inventions.

They thought about it and thought about it in their colourful imaginations.

Others who exist in just blacks and greys

Laugh at these dreamers, can’t understand their ways.

Everything you see, everything you own,

Your TV, your house, your sofa, your phone

Started as that idea, that plan, that spark and they were brave enough and strong enough

Brought electric light to the dark.

So, if you have that dream, hold it tight, don’t let go!

Everything is possible, just never accept “NO”.

Hit the Snooze Button…

It’s raining now, the curtains shut, your world has gone to bed.

You’re trying to snooze, you’re feeling snug, but thoughts invade your head.

So, you grab the phone, have a scroll, right now there is no rush.

You “like” some posts, check your mails and play some Candy Crush.

You run through tomorrow in your head, decide to get up at six.

Do an hour of yoga, feast on Weetabix.

You check the time, it’s half past three, you need to try and doze.

You watch some You Tube, fall asleep, the phone nearly breaks your nose.

It’s five am, you’re finally there, a deep and dreamy sleep.

Just as your mind begins to rest, the alarm clock starts to beep.

It’s time for yoga, rise and shine, but it’s not really breaking news.

You swear, roll over, think start tomorrow, then you hit the snooze.

It’s nine pm, a movie calls, hot chocolate, cat on lap.

Half way through, your eyelids drop, you’re twitching, time to nap.

Eleven thirty you wake up, film’s finished, that’s a pain.

But, refreshed now, feeling wide awake, it’s time for bed again.

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The Friends in my Phone…

We have this warm, invisible friendship.

When we need grounding, we hold on to one another, we support, we believe, we spirit our hugs across oceans, over miles and miles.

We laugh together, we cry together, we know each other.

And yet, we have never met, we may never meet, not in this lifetime.

But, with every message sent, every comment made, every “love that” or “you are amazing”, we raise each other up with kindness, with all of our very best intentions

As if our very being depends on it, and this is how it should be.

We share the beauty in countless creations, we recognise true passion in art, we feel the pain in the sorrow of others, we rejoice in the feelings of love, of celebration.

But, I think, most of all we recognise a little piece of ourselves in each other.


Hold Hands with Happiness…

My Darling,

Do not be drawn in by the negative people.

When they reach out to you, Wrap their poisonous cloaks around you, Fill your beautiful mind with doubts and sharp corners,

Convince you to defend your very being and pure beliefs.

My Darling,

Take a moment, step back and breathe.

Remember who you are, remember this is your world

Yes, yours to do with as you will.

Yours to fill with all the prettiness, all the light, all the flowers and happiness you so deserve.

You owe no explanations to anyone else, you answer only to yourself.

My Darling,

Be drawn in by the positive people.

When they reach out to you, to wrap you in perfect wonderfulness.

Accept that these are your tribe, your partners in blissful vibration.

Hold hands with happiness, Decide to live your life, no regrets.

You only have yourself to convince.

Choose and be strong, My Darling.

Sunshine and Fresh Air…

If you have ever visited Bodmin Moor you will know it is one of the most magical places. Beautiful and barren at the same time, windswept and wild with apparently its own weather zone if you checked the weather forecast before you went but it was totally opposite to expectations when you got there. I once got caught in a hail storm on Roughtor, totally unexpected and had to shelter under a rock with a sheep.

We were so lucky to have a sunny day yesterday. An almost Spring like vibe in October. The air was lusciously fresh, the animals were all chilled and it was so quiet. We walked up Roughtor and down the other side and then up Brown Willy, the highest point in Cornwall. Admittedly, I am not great with hills, I could walk hundreds of miles on the flat, but hills, nope…. But, determined I am and I made it to the top… You can find stories on Instagram, complete with my Darth Vader breathing, but they are only there for 24 hours so pop over quickly.

Fresh air and sunshine, an amazing combination when it comes to feeling good. For me it can banish the bluest of moods and leave me wondering what on earth was the matter with me before I set off. Fresh air and rain, as long as you are dressed accordingly, can be just as refreshing. Especially if you come home, hot shower, then get the hot chocolate made in your favourite mug and sit in front of the fire. Pull out your favourite book, put on your favourite Reading Music and chill. Hit the reset button and start again the next day. The next spare hour you have, make the plan, do the walk and reap the rewards.

Your Only Limit is Your Mind…

It really is a type of an awakening when you realise this….but, it’s not an overnight process to change your thoughts. After all, most of us have had many many years of programming ourselves to think just like everybody else. It’s all about realising that we don’t have to watch every news bulletin, we don’t have to watch never ending serial killer documentaries, we don’t have to take part in anything negative if we don’t want to…. in fact, it is a huge part of our well being.

Today, choose one thing to change. One little step towards happiness. Decide to stop watching the news, I no longer watch it, but believe me, I do know what is going on in the world because other people discuss it all the time, you won’t be living in an ignorant bubble (but if you want to live in that ignorant bubble, do it!) Choose happy programmes to watch, ditch the serial killers and the crime documentaries and find something inspirational. Go for Fearne Cottons Happy Place Podcasts instead. Unfollow or snooze those friends on Facebook who constantly rant or share negative opinions. You don’t have to “unfriend” them, they are still your friends, but having a constant stream of other people’s unhappy moments does not help you – it might seem selfish, but your world is your world, it is totally up to you what you accept into it.

Should you be in a situation which is negative and out of your control, and I know these situations exist, be very sure that there is something in your world you can be grateful for. The sun rising every morning, the birds singing, the flowers growing, the sun on your face, dancing in the rain. Say out loud to yourself even the tiniest things you are grateful for….it might seem really silly at the time, but it will help. I haven’t read it yet, it is really close to the top of my book mountain now, Viktor Frankl – Mans Search for Meaning – if this guy could do it surely anyone can?

Images taken from Pinterest, please message me for either public credit or removal, thank you x

Reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

This is a re-read for me. When you read something which starts to change your perspective, I feel it’s important to read it time and time again. Repetition is key. There are a multitude of contributors to this book which has its foundations based on The Law of Attraction. It’s a very easy read, it has lead me on to read so many other books and articles on the same subject. It has helped me to start working on a positive mindset, to realise that I needed a good old talk to myself about my self belief, to set me on the journey to make some mindset changes.

This time around I am studying it rather than just reading it, I am researching each individual contributor. I feel it is wise to do this, you have to remember that you are your own person, you have your own opinions just the same as these guys. They pretty much all make money out of their ideas and philosophies. So far, I have taken part in an online Tony Robbins course and I have purchased books. This has been all I need to satisfy my curiosity. Remember, you cannot believe everything you read online…the articles shared on Facebook must always be taken with a pinch of salt. However, I can’t find anything wrong with positive thinking, with not participating in gossip, with believing in and loving yourself and your loved ones. Taking it back to simplicity and returning to wherever might be your happy place.

I really, really like the Secret Shifters in this book and it massively works for me. When you find yourself in an unhappy mindset, just have a “go to” list of things to lift you. Go for a walk, get some fresh air, dance around the kitchen, play your favourite music, watch your favourite film, read your favourite self help book – whatever it takes to change your vibration, to change your thoughts.

Just a few days ago I had to call the Tax Office to chase up a tax refund. I have had occasions in the past where I have struggled with anxiety whilst making this type of call. I was fine until the “on hold” music started and then felt the familiar feeling that I wouldn’t know what I was talking about, that they would be rude to me. Then, I reached into the depths of my readings and decided to do some yoga stretches and some dancing to the music around the kitchen. In turn, this made me absolutely OK to deal with this call when it was answered. My jaw was unclenched, I was feeling uplifted, even though panting a bit! To be fair, it has helped to not take everything personally…. I have my reasons for the whole phone anxiety thing, but I now choose not to delve into them anymore, my focus being on the future and not on the past….never let me mention it again!!

I’m Back….

Oh Wow! It has been over 2 years! Things have certainly changed. I moved house, I lived in our motor home for 6 months between houses. I changed jobs….I did lots and lots of reading! Or studying as I now refer to it..

WordPress appears to have changed quite a bit so before I start to post again it looks like I have some updating to do…

Much Love x