Cowl Neck Poncho Pattern…

I have purchased so many patterns awaiting printing from my computer that in my simplifying challenge is a job in itself.  I need to go through my downloads, print off the patterns I have there and put them on  my To Do pile.  Not sure if I have this one but I have done so well cutting down my purchases lately I might have to buy it.  To justify, the only poncho I have is a summer poncho and it’s getting chillier! And I do love the look of this one.


Cowl Neck Poncho pattern from Immediate Media Store on Etsy


At the moment it’s like welcome to my warehouse here….working on it, working on it….


Paring Down Your Life….

“Our lives are overfull.

There’s not a single one of us who is free of that trap, in my experience. We say yes to invitations and commitments, we answer as many emails and messages as we can, we join courses and groups, buy books and take on new hobbies, get involved in new relationships and buy more stuff.

The result of this tendency to overfill is predictable:

  • We spend too much money and get into too much debt, and then have too much clutter.
  • We are always busy and always feel like we’re behind on everything.
  • We don’t have time for what’s really important — relationships, meaningful work, solitude and silence, taking care of ourselves.
  • We can’t really fulfil all of our commitments because we have too much going on.
  • We use full lives to distract ourselves from being fully present.”

From Zen Habits


Well, this is all me and it’s what I am working on to change.  I am already spending less but I have a huge challenge in getting rid of all of the clutter.  Having said that, so much of it has gone already and yes, it feels great!

I am clicking on unsubscribe to all of those e-mails I thought I might read and never do….a clutter free in-box is pretty satisfying too….

I am going for simpler food and believe me it doesn’t have to compromise on taste.  My next challenge is to remove the unused cookery books from my collection and stick with the ones I use all of the time.  A couple of favourite recipes will be posted shortly.

Even if you only do one thing today to simplify your life, it is a step towards feeling less stressed, less cluttered.  Just give it a go and see how it feels.


I had so many hobbies, so many things I wanted to try….painting, drawing, jewellery making, embroidery etc. etc. and had books on all of it trying to constantly learn….too many things at once.  Now I have chosen crochet and instead of buying new wool for new projects, I am choosing to make blankets out of scrap wool….leftover wool from my projects, leftover wool from other peoples projects.  I have yet to decide how to block…machine wash it, hand wash it, steam iron it?….then I might actually finish something!


The newly built raised beds in our garden have been a huge success and not really taken up much room.  Saved loads of money and been tastier too.  Particularly happy with the butternut  squash and carrots.  We ended up with far too many courgette and being about to go on holiday I threw them all in the freezer.  On defrosting and squeezing they do keep too much water, it’s like squeezing a sponge.  Tried roasting one but didn’t like the texture so next step will be whizzing it up in a soup.


And on sorting through your things be prepared to find things you had forgotten you have.  I haven’t been able to make soup lately as the blender on  my food processor isn’t working.  I had completely forgotten I had a magimix!  This one is staying on the keep pile and already being used.  Spicy carrot soup for autumn!  Really easy to make and so good for you!

So, take a look at the things cluttering up your life you could cut out.  Until you try it or even just think about it, you don’t know how much better you could feel.



Appreciate Your Season in Life..

“Just as seasons of the year come and go, so do seasons of life. We’re kids, in college, young adults, newly married, raising children, empty-nesters, grandparents, caring for ageing parents, being cared for ourselves… or any combination of the seasons above. Those who are most satisfied with life are those who appreciate the current season of life they are in and learn to make the most of it. They do not long for the next one or attempt to continue living in the previous one. They accept the reality of changing seasons and embrace each one with grace and resolve.”

From Becoming Minimalist


Snooze the Blog




Oh yes, this is my happy place….the seasons change and the crochet sofa is pushed over to the woodburner….that marvellous crochet blanket was purchased from a charity shop for just £5….it’s just starting to need a couple of squares replacing….but it’s been such a delight!  Embrace the colder weather, pull on the fluffy socks, experiment with hot chocolate flavours and enjoy!


Your Possessions


Here we go again, it’s time to simplify.  My About page has been updated and you are welcome to follow me on my journey to simplify life.

I have once again been inspired by the Becoming Minimalist site with Joshua Becker.  It’s not for everyone but I believe it’s for me.

“Too many material possessions complicate our lives to a greater degree than we ever give them credit. They drain our bank account, our energy, and our attention. They keep us from the ones we love and from living a life based on our values. If you will invest the time to remove nonessential possessions from your life, you will never regret it.”

So, I’m starting on possessions…..I have gathered up all of the unwanted and unused things and the next few weeks will see them listed on Ebay or carted off to the charity shop in black bags.  I will be letting you know how it goes!  Ebay link is up there, up above somewhere so you can keep an eye on all of the things I am removing from my house.

I think I’m enjoying this already!!

Geri 🙂

Seaside Stash Busting Blanket – Week 29

Coastal Crochet


Week 29 and this week we return to a couple of rows of ‘V-Stitch’ – a nod to deck chairs or the pitched roofs of a row of beach huts and then we end with Popcorn Stitches… like sand and pebbles! 🙂 🙂20170611_151012P1200066IMG_8050(Edited)

And here’s this weeks round-up from over on Instagram

So at the end of Row 123 you should have joined with a new colour and made 3ch which counts as the first tr (US dc) of this next row. Remember it’s UK crochet terminology…

IMG_8226Row 124 Miss next st, 2tr in next st, continue with (miss 1 st, 2tr in next st) to end finishing with 1 tr in final st of row and join with a new colour at end of final st, 3ch, turn (89 groups of 2tr with 1 tr at each side)

We are now creating V’s so inserting hook in-between the sts…

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#C2CMAL2018 July WIP

It's all in a Nutshell

It is getting a bit monotonous, I know, but the temperatures in my city are insanely high and have been relentless for the last month now. We are in an official heat wave that has started on July 12th, and is still going strong. Looks like we might be heading for some lower temperatures in a week or two, but they will still be in the low 20C’s (70F’s). Time to show you what a hot and dry July looks like in my C2C Make Along 2018 temperature blanket. I am using 35 shades of  Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat with a 2.5mm (US 4) hook. Under Resources you find everything you need for the Make Along.


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Sunset Cushions

Catherine's Crochet Corner

So, who remembers me workingon a set of cushion covers?

And who thought I’d forgotten all about them?

Not quite 😀

My lovely pattern testers have been working on these for a little while, but everyone is now done, the errors are all ironed out, and the heatwave has broken so I have enough brain power to present to you the Sunset Cushions!

P1010083 copy

Aren’t they bright and cheerful?

There are three complementary designs. Each design shares the same centre and same colour order, but use post stitches to create different stitch patterns radiating out from the centre.

As you might gather from the name, I was inspired by the colours of a particularly lovely sunset: the reds and oranges close to the horizon slowly transforming through yellows and pinks until finally they meet the darker blues of night creeping in.


The pattern as written uses Stylecraft Special…

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