CARO Created Valentines Crochet…..

I am hugely enjoying finding crochet patterns for you at the moment…..with Valentine’s day on the way how about this one?


You will find this one from CARO created on Etsy.

This mandala is worked in overlay crochet technique. This technique is deeply rooted in cable and Aran crochet. Overlay crochet created a symmetric textured design.

Measurements: Approx. 26 cm(10 inches) round…finished…

The pattern features detailed instructions – 19 pages. Each round of the mandala will be explained through a written instruction and one or more pictures.

I am eight squares away from finishing poncho and ready to shape the neckline and give it some tassels.  Having a great time learning how to make things.


One more item in the Ebay shop…..a very cool dreamcatcher top which I bought and it doesn’t fit me…..more to come tomorrow!


Back to the hooking……

Geri xxx

Vintage 70’s Crochet Maxi Dress Pattern…


I absolutely adore most vintage crochet patterns….there’s just something so essentially right about it….it’s timeless and yet retro all at the same time.

This pattern is from Kinzie Wool Shop on Etsy, I love the look of it…..I know, I know, I haven’t finished the lilac poncho yet….but I need a ready list of “next projects” Doesn’t everyone do that??

Georgia’s art project is coming along nicely….she has based it on the technique used by Elspeth Mclean


Now, art isn’t her favourite subject mainly because every time she hands anything in she seems to be told to change it or do something else to it…..correct me if I’m wrong, I thought art was an individual thing, a place to express things the way you see them, the way you want to do them….I think maybe this GCSE should be renamed Drawing and Painting Techniques because it surely is not Art…..anyway, I really like this and when it’s finished and she gets it back it’s going on my wall!

Definition of art: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

So, the snow, (the teeny tiny bit we had) has all melted but it will soon be time to light the fire….break out the wool and get hooking….



Geri xx

More Morale Fiber, Spiral Sweater…


As you know….I WILL finish each project before starting another so I haven’t quite bought this one yet, but it’s on the list!

Again this one is from Morale Fiber on Etsy and I fancy this one in deep orange or deep red……

For now I’m still on that lilac poncho and loving it….


Thinking ahead….as I am prone to do….I am trying out Mollie Makes as I was looking for a magazine with mixed crafts so that I can have a go at other things….after the initial flick through, so far so good….it looks interesting and quite exciting….


And today here in North Cornwall it snowed for the first time in ages….it has just stopped and not settled here but it was pretty to see…..


Geri xxx

Morale Fiber on Etsy


I have been very poor at writing the morning pages as discussed from the Artists Way Book, it is time to get back onto the case….in the meantime, I just bought this pattern from Morale Fiber on Etsy and I was spoiled for choice….I’m sure I will be shopping there again….as I am determined to finish one thing before starting another, I am carrying on with the lilac poncho – the pattern and the wool was a Christmas present and I have a sunny holiday coming so must finish it and take it with me….I can now do the square without looking at the pattern details, that’s a first for me!  AND I weaved in ends and actually quite enjoyed it!


Remember my favourite place of inspiration is Instagram so come and find me there by clicking on the link.

Must work now!!

Geri 🙂 xx

Baby Dragon Crocodile Stitch Boots


I actually bought this pattern ages ago….somewhere in the depths of my craft cupboard I will find it when I get to wading through it over the next few weeks.  Will most certainly be trying this one out…especially in  these colours!  Now someone needs to have a baby!

You will find this pattern from Bonita Patterns on Etsy….click on the picture or here to check out any other patterns….

I have been crochet negligent for a little while as we have had consistently had colds since last September….but I have started again on a lilac summer poncho….I shall share with you as it progresses….

Oh, and I got the beads out again… this space….

Geri :o) xx