Morale Fiber on Etsy


I have been very poor at writing the morning pages as discussed from the Artists Way Book, it is time to get back onto the case….in the meantime, I just bought this pattern from Morale Fiber on Etsy and I was spoiled for choice….I’m sure I will be shopping there again….as I am determined to finish one thing before starting another, I am carrying on with the lilac poncho – the pattern and the wool was a Christmas present and I have a sunny holiday coming so must finish it and take it with me….I can now do the square without looking at the pattern details, that’s a first for me!  AND I weaved in ends and actually quite enjoyed it!


Remember my favourite place of inspiration is Instagram so come and find me there by clicking on the link.

Must work now!!

Geri 🙂 xx

Baby Dragon Crocodile Stitch Boots


I actually bought this pattern ages ago….somewhere in the depths of my craft cupboard I will find it when I get to wading through it over the next few weeks.  Will most certainly be trying this one out…especially in  these colours!  Now someone needs to have a baby!

You will find this pattern from Bonita Patterns on Etsy….click on the picture or here to check out any other patterns….

I have been crochet negligent for a little while as we have had consistently had colds since last September….but I have started again on a lilac summer poncho….I shall share with you as it progresses….

Oh, and I got the beads out again… this space….

Geri :o) xx

Yulia Art Dots….Painted Pebbles




Painted Mandala on natural Pebbles -The Eco nature way for art

My painted rocks and pebbles are full of happiness and joy, they love to travel around the world and spread colours to every home they arrives.

This painted mandala is made on natural pebble stone with colourful design with acrylic. After I paint the pebbles I apply varnish cover.

this pebble stone decor is made with a lot of love to nature. It has mandala design on it with the colours of pink, Turquoise, yellow, pink and orange.

inch 3.0× 2.0 inch
height 1.0 inch

I love to make my art with the combination of very natural material that I collect and to hand paint on them with a lot of colors (like my love birds that you can see at my shop). My style is very colorfull. I get my inspiration from my love to nature and the colors that lives inside of me.

The pebble stones has a very relaxing and inspiring impact. I love to hold them in my hand and I invite you to try too. only by looking at them you will fill more calm and relaxed.

The Mandala design is great for bring good energy to the place it is stay from your working desk, to coffee table or even at the garden.

I can write name or a few words of greeting at the back side of the stone if you ask with no extra charge.

please note that the actual colours may look different on the screen.

Picture and description above directly from Yulia’s shop.  You know what to do….click on the picture and you will be transported there as if by magic…..
I love these stones…..go now, browse….
Geri :o)

Biker Jackets and Pink Faux Fur

Click on the picture and find yourself in my Ebay shop…..lots of bargains because, oh yes, I am space clearing again….

The jacket is faux leather and faux fur so no animals there….beautiful quality…alas not in my size….the price won’t drop any further than this.

s-l500 (1)

There will be much more over the weekend….I need space for my Christmas tree!!

Geri x

Mandala Embroidery Kit…

Just browsing around Etsy, looking for some mandala dotting tools…..which I have found, when I came across this…..

For Graphics

It is pretty stunning isn’t it…..

From reading it I think you paint it and sew on seed beads…’s from a shop in Ukraine…shipping to UK pretty reasonable…..if one of you doesn’t get it first I am going back after Christmas to treat myself!!

Click on the picture and it should take you directly to it….

Geri x