Crochet Bag Pattern

So I have decided for the time being to use this space to keep track of all of the patterns I want to try….some will be affiliate linked, some won’t be and some will be links to free patterns… starting off in style with the crochet bag pattern from One Skein of Love Crafts…just click on the picture to go to the Etsy shop for the pattern…


This one is in US crochet terms, easy to convert…also affiliate linked.  Which means I get about 10p of the cost if you purchase it.

Another one tomorrow!!

Geri 🙂

Taking a Break…

Currently taking a WordPress break but you can still find me on Instagram.

Pink Cobwebs on Instagram

Ebay shop and Etsy shop are still open so that I can continue to list the things I have so that eventually we can get our motor home back on the road and travel.  Tabs up the top to find them and I can send items out because my postman still collect.

Everybody stay at home as much as you can, take good care of your friends and family, even if it is at a distance and stay strong….this will end eventually.

Much love!

Geri x

Make Someone Else’s Life Better..


I absolutely believe this….in these difficult times we have seen the good, the bad and the downright ridiculous, but if you, yes just you, try and make someone else happy, it will in the long run make your own life better….maybe not straight away….but eventually….


It has been a little bit of a down day for me today, so I am concentrating on keeping busy and enjoying the little things like being able to dry washing on the line and still being able to send out sales, hopefully making someone’s day…every little bit helps.

Tomorrow is a brand new day….much love x

Talk About Your Joys…


Stripping it back to the simple happy things today….apart from the VAT paperwork which must be done…washing on the line, happy cats in the sunshine, off for my daily walk and putting my shop visit within this walk….some great music on the radio today, some ZZ Top, Bon Jovi, bit of dancing around the sun room.

Still going through my boxes of things which must go….my only online shopping today cat biscuits and cat litter….oh and a sneaky little crochet book…

This one is just £4.00 at the moment, bargain!!

Find it on Amazon by clicking on the picture (affiliate link).

My sanity is this easy blanket, using up all of my scrap yarn.


Right, off for a power walk in the sun….keep up the good work folks…we will do this!

And keep on talking about your joys.

Geri x

Not Right Now….


It has been pretty hard to accept that the plans we had sailing along quite nicely have suddenly been halted.  But they have not been demolished, it just means they were not supposed to happen right now…it does not mean they will never happen.  Use this time wisely to prepare for “afterwards” because we have to do this for there to be an afterwards.  Most people have had a wobbly moment and then thrown on the big girl pants and looked at what they can do rather than what they can’t do.

I am lucky that I can continue to list and sort my things from home.  Yes, my sales have almost stopped but that’s fine, it’s there if anyone fancies some retail therapy and it will still be there when we are allowed out and about again.  For now I am listing it and storing it away on a shelf so that I can turn my house into a minimalist heaven….well, not quite that extreme, just tidy.


For now my sanity remains with crochet.  I am making this blanket out of the huge bag of random colours I have left over.  Then, I am going to learn to block it properly!  Then I am working through the pile of patterns I have bought over the last few years.  There is always something you can do, but, if you feel like feeling sorry for yourself under the duvet for a day….do just that!

Huge hugs and lots of love to you all….you have got this!!

Geri x

What is Possible Today?


A lot of people waking up today, no work, no social gatherings….what do I do now?  Make a list of all the things you have wanted to do at home and had no time….and just do them…

My sales have of course dropped, but I still have some orders so I am still popping out to the warehouse (on my own, nobody else there) collecting and packing.  The Royal Mail then collect it from my house, so I am still working…however, I am about to start a new blanket, a Christmas present project, absolutely for some yarn therapy!


So, how are you filling your unexpected free time?

Geri x

Finding Joy at Home…


So, it’s lunch time and all I have done is drive my daughter to work and try and find out when my Hermes delivery will be collected….


So….I am heaving my three large boxes to a safe place so that I can go and get my parcels ready at work….luckily it isn’t raining! Yay!

So, joy at home for me is crochet….I haven’t done any in so long!  Just before the virus got worse (adding here that thankfully I don’t have it)  I had decided to finish all ongoing projects and properly eat healthily….Now, I am going to make a cake and start a new blanket…oh indeed yes…

Take some time to find some fab patterns and crochet websites….I will share with you as I find them….today I am liking The Crochet Swirl…


Just click on the picture above and go and check it out…. I adore these Cath Kidston inspired colours!

More links tomorrow my lovelies…

Geri x