Wash Your Hands


It surely is a crazy world out there.  I have always washed my hands but I am now massively more mindful of it…I admit I am washing my hands more now than before, when I get to work (where I work on my own) when I get home, before I eat always….

However, I am pretty confused on what to believe and what not to believe….I understand people with current illnesses, the elderly, the very young should be concerned and take all precautions, better to be safe… But are we supposed to be locking up our elders because a fair few of them are pretty stubborn and not interested in taking these measures.  It might just come to that!

I don’t understand the panic buying of toilet rolls, however, I always buy mine in bulk from Amazon and had just had a delivery so if you saw my supply here you might think prepping had been happening here.  I struggled to get a packet of pasta last week, I see the rice is now running low…it’s all a bit mad.

Luckily I work on my own and my only public visiting place is the shop for the food, where it is disappearing fast.  Pretty happy to stay at home here and chill with books, Netflix (currently Peaky Blinders and Drive to Survive) and of course finishing up some crochet projects.  Also listing listing listing because we are still selling all of our stuff, hoping to get away in Joycie the Bubble Hymer pretty soon…


And these little beauties are having no trouble relaxing….so, be like a cat….keep washing and keep chilling….it will get better.

Take lots of care guys.

Geri x

Why Do We Have All This Stuff?!


A very good question….we have so much stuff!  I am currently determined to get rid of it all, some is being sold, some is being donated and some just given back to the person we borrowed it from and forgot to return it…oops!


I have been collecting jewellery, I am not entirely sure why? I love it, I like cleaning it and making it sparkle….but I rarely wear it…and it all deserves to be worn…so I am keeping the few bits I absolutely love and DO wear…the rest is being auctioned in Ebay or listed in Etsy…find the tabs above guys….it it doesn’t sell after a month it is being donated to my local charity shop…

I can’t begin to tell you how fabulous it feels to see some space slowly appearing!  AND when this stuff is all gone, the crochet will come back, I am missing it!

Happy Friday 13th my lovelies!

Geri x

Friday February 28th 2020

Oh dear, oh dear it has been a while….I shall update on why…

I thought I might consider the life of an Ebay reseller and have been trying it out.  However….in my search for simplicity it doesn’t really fit.  I purchased some pre-loved clothing and jewellery and suddenly my laundry sessions became unbearable and my ironing pile was like a mountain, my bedroom is full of boxes.  I have to admit feeling huge satisfaction cleaning jewellery though, this may continue.


So, pop over to Etsy or to the Ebay shop because I am selling it all right now….it’s not for me…I want to establish floor space and counter top space and this doesn’t work.

Concentrating now on family time, travel, books, crochet and cooking….mostly cake…and investigating budget meals….the piles of clothes must go!

Going on a business trip with Christopher and having some time in the hotel to myself I almost finished an old blanket project and enjoyed it so much!  Yes, the hooks are coming out again!  I have missed reading, no books here in ages so this will change, the odd book review coming your way.  And, recipes….and links to my favourite books and crochet patterns…I am relaxing just thinking about it all…

Watch this space…

Geri x

Friday January 10th 2020

I have decided to just go with the date as a title….easy, simple, that’s all….

Today another day of running up and down the hill, doing “parcels to go” in the warehouse and unfortunately not listing as many items as I have on my pile ready to list….I did make healthy snacks though and put my feet up in my favourite socks for a cup of tea….you know I am an ambassador for quiet time…

I have managed a couple of really lovely little vintage listings….a gorgeous tapestry/carpet bag, in really nice condition and a pair of beautiful vintage chromium plated earrings for pierced ears….Both of these have gone into the Etsy shop, so click on the tab up there at the top as normal to make your way there.

Tomorrow is the weekend, yay!! I will be listing as many as possible to get back on track and making space in our new smaller house….I have lots of jewellery and some new clothing for you…Happy Friday Evening All!

Geri x

Enjoying Finding New Pretty Things…

Just a little taster of the bits and pieces listed so far today….some my own things, some other people’s things (I didn’t steal them, honestly!) and some I have sourced specifically to sell….

I think you can see a general glimpse of my style here…(good or bad as it is) – loads and loads more to come…

For now I am off out into the rain to sort through more boxes at the warehouse.

Back Soon!

Geri x

So, hows it going this year so far?

It’s manic….yes, that’s what it is…

Amongst the mania we are trying to accept the “Level Up My Life” challenge…we have managed most of them, failed to do a crossword on one day…carried it over to a day with more time…


The Dead Bug was a new one on me….I had to watch it on You Tube, I was hoping for an exercise somewhat similar to Sleeping Lions…but no…however, getting good sleep is surely good for you so I am waiting for the “Stay in Bed Until Noon” Challenge.

I’m still attempting to make healthy food and vary it…currently using Eat, Shop, Save by Dale Pinnock – I am really liking this book, the flavours are pretty tasty, nothing bland here and great on the budget….apart from yesterday when I treated us to king prawns…


Pottering along with Ebay sales, it’s always a quiet time of the year for us…in my own shop I have started on some clothing I have been meaning to share with you…click on tab above as usual…


This is a pre-loved skirt by Boden in size UK 16L – I LOVE Boden so there will be more, I also love Monsoon, Whistles, Joules, White Stuff, Fat Face….so be prepared for some more soon.

In our mad monkey Ebay store we are sorting stock, listing the things we didn’t know we still had and starting with some sales for you….there will be some bargains because we are closing this shop, so keep an eye out for some clearance prices…


We don’t have much clothing left now….lots of wetsuits still available.  Hoodie above is Urban Beach and now only available in Grey Small, in fact only two left at time of writing… click on picture to check if there are any left….

No updated crochet projects to report….I have proclaimed that I will finish all projects before starting any more…but time is not permitting at the moment…


Well, work hard most of the time, but always, always take some quiet time when you feel you need it…we are currently working hard with plans for relaxing times…burning out is not an option…

Geri x

Welcome 2020!

Here we are in 2020….starting the year out with trying to pop something in here every day!

I am pretty much going through boxes, we moved house at the end of August and nearly completed warehouse relocation.  It has pretty much rained non stop over the last few weeks so the warehouse move has been challenging.

Finally I am able to start listing, both on Ebay and Etsy which you will find through tabs above (even though I must check that they work, it has been so long).

I have clothing, some with quirky crochet edging….I have lots of pre-loved jewellery and some hand made one of a kind pieces, I have wetsuits and other related items left over from our watersports business now running down to be closed…it’s time to do some travelling…soon….

I have vintage bits and pieces from house clearances….boxes and boxes of things so please do check them out….

I am trying to finish all of the nearly finished crochet projects I have….some of these will be for sale soon….most of them are set to be given away…

Bring on the twenties!  Lots to do and lots do see!

Geri x