Adinda’s World Book


This book by Adinda Zoutman is so much more than a conventional crochet pattern book. It is an exceptionally inspiring collection of beautiful color images, motivating texts and colorful ideas to start you off on your personal journey with hook and yarn. Adinda is the inventor and designer behind her ‘Happy Stola’ shawl series and a major supporter of crochet freestyling.

Other than containing creative crochet instructions enabling you to freestyle a unique Flower Shawl, it also gives you the notions of Adinda’s tried and true tips, tricks and tools for maximizing creative inspiration.

Everyone is born with their very own, individual creative resourcefulness which we can lose sight of in today’s highly digital world. This book will have you realizing that ultimately it makes no difference how you reclaim your creativity, provided you set your heart to it!

YARNutopia Crochet Jacket…


I am throwing this link in here now so that I don’t lose it…I love this jacket… I must make one!

Click on the picture for the link to the Etsy shop, there is a You Tube link in there also, you can probably make it from the video alone…I am going to need a copy of the pattern…

I am currently finishing off two blankets as gifts…made up patterns…now to make a load of crochet flowers, stitch them on…wash them up and give them away.

Oh the joys of now having a local wool shop!!

Geri x

Favourite Friday Finds…

So, my favourite finds today are….


Some absolutely beautiful patterns here…free Crochet along at Nana’s Crafty Home -loads of tutorials, patterns and info and advice here…. (not a paid ad or affiliate, I just love the colours here…)

I have been working on the border of my happy scrappy blanket…she is almost ready to be gifted…


I haven’t attempted any Jane Crowfoot designs yet, but they have always caught my eye….you can get them here in booklet form at Purple Valley Yarn on Etsy rather than PDF….(click on picture, affiliate link).


AND check out these shoes from Joe Browns….previously £60 and now £35….


Edith Couture Shoes….very kitsch and quirky…click on picture for link (affiliate).

Nearly the weekend guys….enjoy!!

Geri x

Follow Your Bliss


I am trying really hard to fit in some crochet therapy every day….so far so good….I am now on the finishing edging before creating some corner tassels and I am loving creating this little beauty….

I am not ready to buy another pattern yet so this next one is on my “to purchase” list…


How absolutely marvellous is that!! You can purchase this pattern from The Edge of 17 Boutique (affiliate link/Etsy).

So, for now I must recommend following your bliss…..find time to spend time on you…you won’t regret it.

Geri x

Gifting Blankets…


This blanket, which brought about the return of the crojo….is about to be given away.  I have a border to put on it, some ends to cut, give it a wash, add some beaded tassels on the corners and it will be ready to gift….I have decided in my new quest for trying new crochet patterns, that I will use leftover wool to make blankets and give them away….

The gifting idea comes from my reading of The Power by Rhonda Byrne….indeed one of the most feelgood reads I have had in a long time…I very much recommend a reading of it…especially if you are feeling down…some really interesting ideas and what do you have to lose…well, about £7 ish from Amazon…


Click on the page picture above to direct you to it on Amazon (affiliate link).

My next pattern purchase….to do after I have put a crochet edging on a skirt….is from Starlily….she is one of my favourite pattern makers….the first pattern I have purchased so will keep up to date with my progress….


As before, click on the picture above which will send you off in the direction of the Starlily shop….she has other patterns on other sites….I will share as I find them for you….(affiliate link).


Until then… to create some food for the family before I can pick up the hook again later….

Geri x


The Return of the Crojo…


It has been a month and we are still unpacking boxes and sorting out clutter whilst moving into our new home….

On a positive note the cats are fine and settled and I got my crojo back (crochet mojo)…I threw a few granny squares together then started edging in granny stitch and there we go….the crojo appeared just like that….now I have a new huge crochet storage box….a little spot in the sunny conservatory where I can play some classical sounds to my hearts content…and a pile of patterns to try in my quest to get tidier at it and better at it…

I adore Etsy for patterns so will be sharing (affiliate linked patterns as I purchase them and as I try them out)…

I have some pretty old posts here also which I will be weeding out and tidying up.

We have a motor home, an old Hymer – Joycie the Bubble….there will be updates there because she is perfect for some crochet whilst Christopher is windsurfing on the lake…

We are trying to get our lives back by working less so there will be updates on this….and links to recipes I have tried and books I have read….

Life is good!!


Oh indeed yes….Happy Days!!

Geri x

If a Dragonfly Should Appear…


Yesterday I had an hour and a half to kill, sitting in a pretty spot in the car park at The Cornwall whilst Georgia was sorting out work hours in the spa.  So, I took my book to finish..

It was a beautiful hot day, I sat in the shade of a tree.  Annoyingly I had forgotten my reading glasses, my arms were just long enough to squint at the page.  I found myself actually reading the part in the book which talks about, just maybe your eyesight fails as you get older because you think it will….an interesting concept and I am a complete cynic with these things but the reading of this book has my mind wandering…What if, when the end comes and it all becomes clear, this stuff was right after all…. There all types of strange cults out there but my feeling on reading The Secret? There is no cult knocking on my door connected to the book, what do I have to lose just to have a go at changing my mindset….change beliefs a little, see what happens….Then, this happened…


This little beauty swooped in…I was sitting in my car with the door slightly open and he perched on the top of my window….I looked down at my book and suddenly the words were clearer and I could read it at a normal distance….oh I frowned…

He stayed there for about ten minutes and then I read and looked back and he was gone… so, I am trying to change my mindset from “what a coincidence” to “maybe that means something” and from there I might progress to “that does mean something”.

If you get a chance to read The Secret it is a good easy read and does get your mind thinking.  I am keeping this one and will be reading it again….and again… it looks like there are similar books…will be giving them a go…

Back to packing for our house move again now…positive vibes…Happy weekend.

Cheers and Gone x