Water Your Own Grass…

No matter what you see,
No matter what you think.
I can assure you that not all my cobwebs are pink.
I sigh like you, cry like you
Can’t get to sleep like you
And so many times I have teetered at the brink.
But as you get older, gather wisdom,
You learn
The simple things come cheap
When you’ve no money to burn.
Always have dreams, the biggest are best.
But keeping your feet on the ground
Is the hardest of tests.
Keep looking for joy in the smallest of things.
Hold on to the friends with no obvious strings.
Take a walk, get fresh air
If you’ve nowhere to go.
Notice the birds and the trees
Feel your well being grow.
If your Instagram feed
Is full of luxury cars
Tropical holidays and cocktails and bars.
Remember these are highlights they want you to see.
They have bad days and sad days
Just like you and me.
Water your own grass to make it get greener.
Making plans of your own
So you’re not just a dreamer.

Your Bus…

The journey starts, the bus is full
The destination is hazy.
I’m not sure where I want to go
But I’ll go the way it takes me.

Passengers get on and then get off
With so many things to teach.
I now know where I want to go
But it’s completely out of reach.

Then I realise it’s getting close
But I can’t convince the driver.
I ask for help but unfortunately
They don’t want to go there either.

A new passenger sits beside me
And says “no ifs, no buts!”
“To get to where you want to be
You just have to drive the bus!”

And suddenly it seems so simple
This is the pathway to my goal.
I can’t let others lead me there
I have to take control.

Sit myself in the driving seat
And grab the wheel so tight.
Set the Sat Nav, change my course
And drive with all my might.

Don’t leave another person
To map out your hot pursuit.
This is your bus, you are in charge
And you decide the route.

Nothing To Lose…

This year I’m going to stop thinking I’m rubbish
Because actually I’m not.
I’m absolutely fabulous
But somewhere down the line
I think I forgot
That the best friend I have
Should in fact be myself
I can’t expect to be last
Or sadly left on the shelf.
The only competition to beat
Is my last personal best.
Being better than others
Is no fair way to test.
I will do what my mind
Sometimes tells me I shouldn’t.
I will take unknown paths
Which previously I wouldn’t.
Life is short, so find courage
Think hard and then choose
Grab it and live it
You’ve nothing to lose.


Sometimes we need to be carried.
Sometimes we all need a hand.
Swallow your pride
You don’t have to hide
These grey days are always unplanned.

Sometimes we need to help others
Sometimes we need to ease pain.
Give them some hope
Throw them that rope
Show them life can be fruitful again.

We should all look out for each other
Unconditionally, whenever we need.
I’m here for you
You’re here for me too.
Together we have to succeed.

Artist @pietgrobler.illustrator

Party Years…

You’re in your twenties going out drinking with your friends.
Sharing all the hangovers, thinking friendship never ends.
Then one by one your journeys change
Some choose family, some careers
And suddenly you find yourself out of touch
From those youthful party years.
Be very sure you had those bonds
Even though in a tipsy haze
You strengthened each others girl power
In those wild tight mini skirt days.
And even though you live in different worlds now
Those memories are respected
Our friendships made us what we are
We will always be connected.

Artwork by the brilliant Beryl Cook 

Sing and Dance…

You don’t need to have rhythm to dance.
You don’t need to be perfect to sing.
If you feel the need to do it.
Don’t worry about these things.

Dance like a ballerina light as the wind
Spin and float like your shoulders are winged
Sing like it’s opera, chant like a monk
Twerk like you have the best junk in your trunk
The platform is yours, don’t sit it out.
The professional skills aren’t what it’s about.
It’s the freedom the joy, the feel good pretending
That you’re on stage at the O2
With thousands attending.
We all need to sing and we all need to dance
Do it right now whilst you still have the chance.

Love this artwork from @desbrophy

Let Them Go …

You know those people,
The ones that shine.
Happy vibes glowing,
Making you feel fine.
Surround yourself with them.

We all deserve to feel brilliant.
To bring out our very best.
And those beautiful souls are out there.
You’ll have no time to feel depressed.

Those who nag you and criticise,
You should let them go.
There’s no place for them in your life.
The seed is planted and now you grow.

Learn and laugh and absorb the joy
Keep the right people near.
Then be that warm light for others,
Another feel good pioneer.

Happy artwork from @ingelook.rus

Belong If You Must..

Just accept that you don’t have to belong.
To any religion, to any group of friends, to any gender, any culture.
You just have to be happy with yourself.
At home in your own skin, at home with your own morals, certain in your own beliefs.
Happy in your own company.
Belong if you must, if it feels like comfort.
But just know that you matter and you must make your own choices whilst respecting the decisions of others.
Over everything be kind. Always.

Artist @catrin_welzstein