Piece By Piece

Street art and two girls having lunch chatting.

Remember that day when we met on a Monday and it rained.
And I was depressed, full of anger, but you, full of hope, you never complained.
And to me the world seemed so grey, so bleak.
You held my hand so tightly, you just let me speak.

Then piece by piece you put it all back together.
Happiness isn’t about money or weather.
It’s about intangible feelings, love and contentment.
Leaving the past where it is, letting go of resentment.
Then we laughed and you said “let’s get some chips”
Just like we used to when we were just kids.
We dined in such splendour, the chips were my treat.
Giving thanks by the goddess at the end of the street.

Photo by Philip Allen 🙏

There Will Be Lessons

Absolutely nobody ever had a dream and then reached it in five minutes….. there is no reward in that is there? Every time we fail it’s just a lesson….maybe on just how not to do it, maybe something a little deeper than that. But failure is not always the end, it will lead to you trying and trying until you succeed, or it will just lead to a change in the path towards the destination which is really yours. If the road seems too long, put in some rest stops, make the steps small, as long as you are travelling in the right direction. You WILL get there!

So, Day 1, think long and hard about your dreams, brainstorm in a notebook, decide which one you most want to bring into reality. I have decided to do this blog as my dream, to bring it to people who might like to use it to help themselves….I have no idea at the moment how I am going to do this, but I will be sharing it with you each step of the way. Please do subscribe in the Home page if you would like to follow my progress or if you would like to share your progress in the comments.

Let’s start the journey together!